The Best Place to Get Video Archiving Services

Video Archiving Services

Whether you’re a filmmaker, a photographer, or just a fan of great videos, it’s important to know where to get the best video archiving services. These days, there are a lot of options, but it can be difficult to figure out which ones are right for you. That’s why we’re going to break down some of the best choices for you to consider.

Evolphin Zoom

Evolphin Zoom is a next-generation media asset management (MAM) system that enables organizations to streamline their video archiving and management workflows. The company has a proven track record of production deployments and offers three distinct solutions to meet customers’ needs.

Evolphin Zoom combines advanced AI capabilities with core DAM and MAM functions to support rich digital content. Designed to simplify workflows for marketing teams, creative teams, and content managers, Evolphin Zoom can be deployed both on-premises and in the cloud.

A recent example of a customer who used Zoom’s AI-based video archiving solution is Astral Media. This Canada-based specialty program broadcaster produces dozens of video promos each week. In order to maintain a large and growing content library, Astral needed an efficient and flexible way to manage and archive its assets.

Currently, Astral has a complex library of more than one million video files. However, they were having trouble finding files to work with. They were also having to spend a lot of time duplicating working folders and storing them on-premises.

With Evolphin’s new cloud-based archiving solution, Astral could save up to ninety-five percent of its storage costs. In addition, its new archiving module lets administrators categorize and store assets according to custom rules. Besides, it can automatically generate subtitles in different languages.

To add to its list of customer benefits, Evolphin Zoom includes technical setup and ongoing technical support. It also offers the option to monitor multiple AI engines, and granular insight into usage metrics.

The company has a worldwide footprint and provides its software in both on-premises and cloud-based platforms. Currently, there are 45 employees in Evolphin’s San Ramon, California headquarters.


Wistia is a powerful cloud-based video CMS. It helps teams create and share videos to drive more traffic to their sites. In addition, Wistia integrates with a wide variety of marketing tools and offers world-class customer support. With Wistia, marketers can produce and distribute videos across the web, email campaigns, and live virtual events.

Wistia can help you understand your customer acquisition funnel, increase conversion rates, and generate qualified leads from your videos. Wistia also provides industry-leading video analytics and offers a library of world-class educational content.

Wistia makes it easy to create, publish, and track video content. For example, Wistia can automatically send viewing data to a CRM instance, so you can get a clearer picture of how your viewers interact with your videos. You can also use Wistia’s video player customization to create your own custom players.

Other features include the ability to add annotation links and add a call-to-action (CTA) in the video player. You can also customize your player to match your branding.

Another useful feature is the ability to integrate your Wistia account with an email service, such as Mailchimp. This way, you can create personalized emails with your videos.

One of the best features of Wistia is the automatic video SEO. Not only can you make changes to your video’s metadata, but it can also trigger processes based on classifiers. Specifically, Wistia can determine when your audience is most likely to watch your video.

The platform also offers a Channels feature, which collects video content in one place. Users can customize the channel’s player controls and CTAs and set it up to collect leads.

Wistia has three different pricing plans. Prices vary depending on the number of subscribers and videos. If you only have a few videos, you can pay $99/month, while you can pay $12/month for an advanced plan with 100+ video uploads and multiple channels.

Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is a suite of apps, services, and online resources. It helps you manage your creative files from anywhere and enables you to create and share visual content. The main draw is that it includes a comprehensive set of desktop and mobile applications.

Adobe also offers services that help you improve the quality of your photography. You can edit, enhance, and even design your images. If you’re into photography, then you may want to check out Adobe’s Lightroom CC, a photo management and editing app that lets you edit and organize photos.

For those who want to create their own video, Creative Cloud Express is a cloud-based media creation application. It allows users to easily create promotional videos. They can then add images, video, or sound. There are many video effects and animation tools to choose from, and you can even narrate short videos.

Adobe has a wide variety of tools for developing graphics, video, and websites. The platform has a clean, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create, edit, and publish your work.

Creative Cloud’s interface is designed for real-time, cloud-based collaboration. Users can make changes to their work as they go, and a new version will be sent to their devices in real time.

The Creative Cloud mobile app uses a local cache on your phone or tablet, but it uses the cloud for primary storage. When you get an Internet connection, the app synchronizes the changes with the cloud.

Creative Cloud for Enterprise offers a variety of new features. One of them is encryption at rest. This means that your data is secure while you’re working.

Avigilon Video Archive

The Avigilon Video Archive is a high-capacity video storage expansion solution that is fully integrated with Avigilon Network Video Recorders (NVR). Featuring enterprise-grade drives, it is ideal for security professionals who need to store petabytes of data. It also offers superior reliability and near zero downtime.

For a complete solution, the Avigilon Video Archive must be used in conjunction with the Avigilon Control Center. This allows for easy access to video surveillance system monitoring, and advanced video search and analytics. In addition, archiving operations occur 24 hours a day, and retries are performed to ensure a successful archiving operation.

During a job, video is saved to a subfolder in the configured archive directory. Once an archive is complete, it can be reviewed in Avigilon Player. Depending on the number of cameras, quality settings, and recording rules, the amount of video saved will vary.

To play archived videos, you must first install the Avigilon Player software. Additionally, you must make sure the ES device web interface is installed. You must select the time range for the archive.

Avigilon’s 4th-generation NVR are designed for mission-critical infrastructure. They feature the highest capacity, the best performance, and the lowest levels of downtime. These systems also include self-learning and deep learning capabilities.

Avigilon’s HDSM video compression system provides the fastest video processing and the widest compatibility. High-res videos can reach 32 Mbps, while low-res videos can have a bandwidth requirement of only a few Mbps. Moreover, Avigilon’s cameras are FIPS-compliant.

Avigilon’s HDVA appliances make installation cost-effective, and they simplify the setup of a new security system. The software is also user-friendly, and there is no need for an IT technician.


Sync is a service that allows you to back up your company’s documents in real time. This means you can rely on a secure cloud-based solution for all of your data. You can also create team folders for easy file sharing. These can be managed from your web panel or from a dedicated Slack app. Whether you’re a business or individual, you can get started on your cloud journey today.

Aside from the typical email and mail functions, Sync also offers a mailing service. For the business minded, a Teams Unlimited plan includes on-demand business hour phone support. In addition, you can build your own custom client file portals.

Sync’s other offerings include a cloud-based storage system, which you can use to free up space on your computer. It even includes enterprise grade infrastructure to boot.

The Cloud File Gateway, meanwhile, is a piece of software that links on-premises storage infrastructure with the cloud. With it, you can stream media from the cloud, and read and write files in the cloud. Using the gateway, you can build a hybrid archive, which scales to 2 billion files.

PhotoSync is a great tool for transferring photos and videos. It wirelessly transfers your pictures and videos, and it supports all major platforms. Besides, it’s fully customizable, and it’s continually updated.

Among other features, Sync’s Multi-Site Sync service provides artists with complete access to their library assets. This means you’ll never have to worry about losing your favorite songs again.

On top of all that, Sync also offers an impressive array of privacy protection features. Even better, the company claims to answer all of your emails as fast as possible.


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