The Best Pickup Truck Manufacturers in 2022


Pickup trucks are an American automotive staple. They are perfect off-roading vehicles, great for tradespeople, and look as mean as can be. The United States has the largest pickup truck market in the world. Over the years, several manufacturers, both domestic and foreign, have risen to the top of the pile. Some manufacturers, like Dodge and Toyota, are famed for their pickup designs. Here are the best pickup truck manufacturers selling their vehicles in the United States today.


Toyota pickup trucks are well known for their durability. They are so durable that they have become a standard weapon of war all around the world. One war was even known as the Toyota War, due to Chad’s ingenious use of rugged Toyota pickups to outmaneuver their Libyan foes. Chadian forces equipped their nimble pickup trucks with machine guns and anti-tank missile launchers, outflanking and destroying a Libyan force armed with main battle tanks and well-trained troops.

Today, Toyotas are popular with American civilian customers largely for the same reasons that these trucks were useful in war: they are nimble, tough as nails, and easily customizable. Third-party companies, like Empyre Off Road, make easily installed parts for almost all modern Toyota trucks.


Ford pickup trucks are more American than apple pie. Although Ford does make several luxurious high-spec trucks, the golden standard is still the Ranger. Ford Rangers are extremely practical and can take a beating while still running. They are easy to customize and (relatively) budget friendly. If you are looking for an all-purpose truck, without too many bells and whistles, you can do no better than a Ford Ranger. Ford does have a few issues today – mainly related to the addition of slightly useless high-tech features. An older Ranger without all the additional gadgets might be your best bet.


Dodge is well known for producing some of the most powerful and flashy pickups. Dodge pickups are equipped with vast gas-guzzling engines. Drive around central Texas or the Appalachian Mountains and you are bound to see a shiny new Dodge pickup or two with absurdly raised suspension. Dodge vehicles are sure to catch the eye of the passerby.


Japanese car manufacturer Nissan produces very practical trucks. They might not be the fastest pickups in the game, but they are made to a very high standard and won’t set you back a fortune. Much like Toyota trucks, Nissan vehicles are highly robust workhorses. Nissan has earned its place in this list due to its consistently high standards and relatively low-cost options.


Chevrolet has been producing pickup trucks for over 100 years. Over the years, they have developed a reputation for creating some of the hardiest, stylish, and red-blooded pickups available in America. The 12967 C/K10 series of trucks is arguably the most iconic American truck ever built. Chevvy still make rugged and practical vehicles. The 2022 Silverado, Chevrolet’s flagship truck, comes with automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning systems as standard.


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