The 7 best animals in video games

Best Animals in Video games

It’s not just humans that matter in video games. Even if they are often the most rooted in the hearts of players and many are emblematic, animals also have a very important place in the medium. Some games don’t hesitate to play on the heartstrings and create strong relationships between humans and animals. Titles that offer to “pet the dog” even get thousands of likes on Twitter. For many games, this chord works, which is why many remain in the memory of players, like the 7 video game animals that we will present here.

If you’ve been through any of the games we’re going to talk about, the animals on our list are likely to have touched you. On top of that, many of them turn out to be valuable allies to help you progress in your adventure, sometimes even giving you a welcome helping hand in battle. We strongly advise you to take an interest in these little beasts if you haven’t already done so, because they are really worth a look. Without further ado, check out our list of the 7 best animals that accompany us in the video game:

Agro (Shadow of The Colossus)

Agro is Wander’s only companion in Shadow of The Colossus. The bond between the hero of the game and his mount is strong, especially since Agro will be of great help in the various battles against the colossi of the game.

Morgana (Persona 5)

With her constant sarcasm and sagacity, Morgana is one of the most endearing characters in Persona 5. Note that the animal is not a cat. Morgana has lost her human form and will be in search of her identity throughout the adventure.

Canigou (Fallout 4)

Canigou proves that dogs are indeed man’s best friend. Canigou can perform a variety of tasks requested by your character and will be a loyal companion throughout Fallout 4.

Trico (The Last Guardian)

Trico is certainly the animal with the most elaborate personality, the most profound of this ranking. The beast will help you throughout the game to face the obstacles that stand in your way, but will also adopt the most natural animal behavior. Sadness, worry, caprice: Trico is a beast full of emotions and transmits them perfectly to the player.

Rouge XIII / Nanaki (Final Fantasy VII)

What a pleasure to have been able to find Red XIII much earlier in Final Fantasy VII Remake. In the original adventure, you had to wait much longer for him to join the group. The intelligence and power of Red XIII still impresses.

Epona (The Legend of Zelda)

Epona is Link’s faithful mount throughout the Zelda saga. So it’s an understatement to say that the bond is strong between the two characters. The mare also appears in Breath of The Wild, which looks better than ever in 8K.

Dromarch (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

Dromarch’s sagacity and courage in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 make Nia’s blade (a kind of chimera linked to its master) particularly endearing. The tiger is also a great ally in battle.

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