Teaching Resilience to the Kids


Resilience is something which should be in everyone but usually it is not found among the people. This is so because new generations are not very acquainted with it and it is totally the fault of parents and tutors who are not making students aware of the benefit of resilience. Resilience means to have the capacity to tackle and overcome the traumatic situations, stressful conditions and challenging tasks in life and face critical situations in life. People who have resilience are often seen as leaders and they never fear anything in this world.

Their capacity to fight the situations is unanimous for others and people follow such people and ask for suggestions and directions in the tough situations of their lives. Students and kids these days are not very much aware of such powerful traits but they should be and that is why ERP for schools are taking necessary steps to induce such traits in kids in their childhood because school management system for schools presume that this is the correct time to teach such good things to the children. Resilience makes the students very strong mentally and assertive towards life.

They never quit at any condition and such students and kids never fail in their academic, personal or professional life. Difficult situations can arise in the academic life of a student at any time and he/she needs to have the knowledge to fight such situations in an efficient manner. When the students have resilience then they attain the curiosity, adaptability and capability to handle every situation in their life. When students are able to achieve resilience then they become more ready to tackle their adulthood in a more mature way.

Usually, students can be confused and scared due to their less knowledge and having tangled into stressful emotions. And in such situations students get completely negative. In such situations resilience helps the students to stay optimistic and fight the negativity to overcome. Students stay in a very optimistic and assertive mental state due to which they are able to tackle the tough situations in their academic life. ERP in schools allow students to attend such sessions in the schools where such psychologically assertive things are taught.

It is so because ERP in schools believes that students need to be strong mentally to tackle all the tough situations. For this, students can practice meditation because meditation brings the mind to such a state where students achieve peace and calm of the mind. Resilience can be taken as something related to psychology whereas it is also related to the physical state of the student too. Those kids and students who are physically unfit and weak can be found suffering from an inferiority complex which weakens their morals to fight against the odds of their academic life. Resilience provides them the power to sustain in such traumatic situations and overcome from such a state where they can lose their moral support.

Tutors can make the students achieve resilience in such conditions with the help of assertive group discussions where students can talk about their fears and their ways to tackle it. Tutors can provide their such students with meditation classes and also make them take a healthy diet. Tutors and parents need to make their child set a benchmark for themselves and to work hard by putting efforts towards that benchmark. This tutor can give the students tasks related to their academics and ask them to complete them successfully in the given time-period.

Tutors can also make the students achieve resilience by developing problem solving skills in their students. Tutors need to make their students stop quitting and face the problems and instead of running away from tough situations make the students face them and try their best to solve the situations. For which students need to learn to find the root cause of the situations because solutions to maximum problems lie in the origin of the problem. The easiest way through which students can achieve resilience is through practicing gratitude. It is so because by practicing gratitude a student achieves stability of mind and heart. Also students becomes emotionally strong and stable enough to face any situation of the life.

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