10 Things Students Need from Career Services


Students are the most hopeful yet the most confused group of people. They are hopeful because they believe they have a whole life ahead of them to achieve their goals and they believe that the future holds some great opportunities for them.  At the same time; they are confused because they don’t know what actually they should aim at and will they be able to achieve what they are aiming at. Such is the life of a student, full of question marks. However, as Abraham Lincoln said;

“The best way to predict your future is to create it”

Students need professional guidance to create a future for them. This guidance is not like the academic guidance that students can buy from online platforms like Ukassignmenthelp.uk or any other form of academic assistance. This guidance is taken for the long run; it is the career-related counseling that is going to shape one’s future. Career services can carry out activities in college to prepare students to face the trend of shifting community careers at the local, national, and global levels (Umar, 2021).

Career services:

Career services are such resources that provide career-related counseling. Until this stage of life, students kept on taking services from online platforms. Some students used to pay for dissertation

services while some used to buy class-taking help. These were the kind of services that assisted them during their academic life. However; career service is the kind of service that help student with their future.  Career-service offices are built in every college or educational institution that guides student by sorting their academic and career goals for them. It is these services that help students in developing their career plans and creating their job-research skills.

Things that students need from career services:

We know what the job of career-service providers is but this post will throw a light on the points that students look for or need from career-service providers. You just have to believe in yourself that with little effort and assistance, you can do it (UK assignment help, 2021).

1. Assistance in selection of major:

Some students want the assistance of career-service providers in the selection of their major as well. They discuss their likes and interest. They tell about different options that they are thinking about but are unable to choose one. For example; students who are interested in business have multiple options of majors like human resources, management, administration, analysis, and so on.it is the career consultant who can help the students with the selection of their major as per their interests and their inclination toward a certain subject.

2. Help with CV/resume writing:

CV and resume play an important role in getting you a job. This is why students need a professional help who can guide them on how to highlight their talent in their CV and resume. A CV is the form of writing that presents the full picture of your credentials, and qualifications. On the other hand, the résumé presents the precise look of your achievements. Both forms of documents are extremely important for a student to get a job which is why they must be written quite wisely.

3. Preparation for an interview:

Another form of help that students need from career-service providers is the interview preparations. We can learn about the main points like how to prepare for an interview which is mostly about being confident and well-prepared. But the career counselor gives you a practical demonstration of how to be prepared for various job interviews.

4. Finding an internship:

Most students seek internship opportunities because they know it will make their CV stronger. However; it’s difficult to find an internship at a time when a huge number of students are waiting for the same position. In such cases; the career counselors provide their professional help. In fact; sometimes he also recommends the place that has vacancies for interns.

5. Building networks:

The formation of networks is very important to get a job in a certain place. It is the career counselor who can help the students in forming networks by making them meet with different influential personalities. This not only helps the students in getting a position in a certain company but also helps them in learning new things from those personalities.

6. Professional tips:

Another thing that students look for from their career counselor is some professional tips. These tips can help the students a lot in their professional lives. It is because a better understanding of things will broaden their perspective toward different job opportunities.

7. Strengths and weaknesses:

After having a few sessions with students; the career-service provider can tell the weaknesses and strengths of the student. So; he guides them accordingly. He tells them how to highlight their strengths and how to work on their weaknesses.

8. Professional support:

Students have personal support in form of their family and friends. However; they don’t have professional support which is why they prefer to go to career-service providers. It is these career counselors who provide perfect self-discovery and self-realization guidance in terms of their professional life.

9. Gives motivation:

All students need the motivation to pursue their dreams but very few people can help them in getting motivated. It is the career-service providers who can motivate students and can help them in pursuing their goals. They keep on reminding the students about their goals and ambitions in one way or another `

10. Imparts confidence:

The session that students take with their career-service provider helps them in being confident. This is because; when he gets to learn new things and gets to know about his strengths, he becomes confident in himself and his talents.


Students lead quite a fun yet confusing life. They don’t know if they will have enough opportunities to get a job even after having all those degrees. This is why they seek help from career-service providers. They guide students with their careers, highlight their strengths, and help them in working on their weaknesses.


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