Skin Works Medical Spa’s 4 Steps To Make Yourself Feel More Confident

Skin Works Medical Spa’s
Skin Works Medical Spa’s

You may walk out of your house wearing a sexy suit, on point makeup, and have enough confidence to boost you through the day. But, why is it that just a glance in the mirror at work is enough to shatter this profound confidence? Two small words: fluorescent lighting. Though common in workplaces and shopping centers, these lightbulbs cast everyone in a sickly greenish glow that gives everyone’s skin a monstrous appearance. In fact, experts agree that you should limit your exposure to these bulbs as much as you can. Unfortunately, their affordability makes them a popular addition to public locations such as malls, shopping centers, grocery stores, and office buildings.

Undoubtedly, no one has the ability to force public corporations to remove fluorescent lighting (we wish!), but the one way you can cope with them is through changing your own mindset. Remind yourself in every public restroom that the pallid greenish face isn’t your own, and before you let your confidence shatter, here are some expert coping tips:

Step 1: Assess Your Triggers And Take Note Of Them

It’s crucial to become mindful of the locations and situations that seem to trigger your negative sense of self. Keep yourself aware of how you use your inner voice during these negative situations because they can trigger a downward spiral. What you tell yourself during your self-talk and how you react all have a direct impact on your own behaviors. Most importantly, this all affects your emotions in a certain way.

Make it a point to take mental notes of the triggers that make you feel completely self-conscious. Professional psychologists are in agreement that when you arm yourself with appropriate coping mechanisms, you can come out on top of every negative situation.

Step 2: Show Yourself Some Love

When you get triggered by a negative event, it’s crucial to consider how you would react and treat a loved one. Take that same caring and nurturing approach to dealing with yourself. Extending yourself the same amount of love and compassion as you would to a family member or a friend makes you feel better equipped to cope with any confidence shattering situation.

Step 3: Are You Making General Assumptions About Yourself Based On Your Triggers?

A professional New York City psychologist has revealed that when faced with negative thoughts, there are four repetitive patterns that people undertake to further fuel their internal distress. This includes making rigid demands, thinking catastrophically, having an intolerance for frustration, and most importantly, self-downing behavior. The last example (self-downing), is the one that most people use to inadequately assess their self-worth and to inadvertently shatter their healthy confidence. Some choose breast implant payment plans to afford that breast augmentation that they have always dreamed of to boost confidence.

You may notice yourself focusing on one aspect of your body i.e. your frown lines and then quickly jumping to cellulite. If this is the case with you, it is time to step back, unwind and self-reflect on your negative behavior because the next step is calling yourself lazy or worthless.


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