Fragrance Oils and Why They Make the Best Scented Candles?

Fragrance Oils, Best Scented Candles

If you wish to know more about fragrance oils then you need to know that they are basically used in many things. One of the leading items in which fragrance oils are used is scented candles.

It is important to first know what fragrance oils are, how to exactly know which fragrances are the best and how these fragrance oils make the scented candles. Read the details and you will come to know a lot of important information.

What are fragrance oils?

Fragrance oils are aroma oils and they are different from essential oils. The essential oils are made with cent percent natural extracts whereas the best fragrance oils are made with synthetic or natural fragrances. They are prepared in the laboratory setup. They may or may not have health benefits but they have long-lasting effects.

What oils do scented candles use?

It is important to note that scented candles use fragrance oils or essential oils.  This is because this oil can hold a scent for a longer duration.  But, since the cost factor is also involved, fragrance oils are more popularly used in scented candles than essential oils.

Not just the cost factor, there are many other factors that would make fragrance oils the winner to be used in the best-scented candles. Read on the information and you will get to know the details.

Why are fragrance oils used in the best-scented candles?

  • When you compare the cost of essential oils and fragrance oils used in candles, the cost of essential oils would surely be very high. Considering this, people prefer fragrance oil.
  • Both fragrance oils and essential oils have a good shelf life. They can hold the smell or fragrance for a longer period. The fragrance oil-scented candles can stay fragrant for around a year or so.
  • Using fragrance oils in scented candles is usually safe and there are no issues as such. This is the reason why the makers prefer using fragrance oils.
  • The fragrance oils on their own would smell great. When they are infused in wax and made candles of it, you will see that the smell will still be great.
  • If you can afford then you can use essential oils as well as fragrance oils in the candles to make them smell great.

How to make the best-scented candles by choosing fragrance oils?

If you are looking forward to making a scented candle then you need to check out which fragrance oils will turn out to be the best. Well, as far as choosing the fragrances is concerned, there would be three harmonies.

The upper note, the middle note, and the base or the lower note. The experts who blend these fragrances in the candles would use their expertise and do the needful. If you are using fragrance oils in scented candles then you can use soy wax as it has the potential to blend with the fragrance oils pretty well as compared to the paraffin wax.

The temperatures at which these bonds are created are also important. Medium temperature is the best as at too high temperatures the scented oil will melt with the scented wax. At too low temperatures the blend will not be up to the mark.


The above information will be useful for those who aspire to create amazing candles. Scented candles are lot in demand and for that, the basic information about which oils are the best will make a good amount of difference.

So, make the decision based on the information that has been given above. Remember, you can make the best-scented candles if you are ready to blend the best fragrance oils with the wax.


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