Sardinia: Carloforte and the Island of San Pietro


Sardinia, as we know, is the Italian destination par excellence for the summer period and/or the bathing season.

In this region, characterized by a predominantly mountainous territory, alternated by long stretches such as the Campidano, it is possible to spend a full immersion holiday.

Beautiful and very tidy land from all points of view, it offers breathtaking views and natural glimpses, which allow you to admire the crystalline sea that characterizes one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean.

In fact, to contend with him for the scepter we find destinations such as Zakynthos, Formentera and very few others.

Remaining in Italy, we cannot fail to mention the very popular Capri and the very particular and varied Sicily.

A small curiosity, which probably few pay attention to, is that Sardinia, in addition to being an island in itself, hosts as many and all very beautiful.

One of these is the Island of San Pietro – counted as one of the most beautiful islands in Sardinia -, included in the territory of Carloforte.

The Island of San Pietro, together with the Island of Sant’Antioco, is part of the Sulcis Archipelago.

The Sulcis Archipelago is very famous but sometimes placed in second place in favor of the much more famous Maddalena Archipelago, which includes the Island of La Maddalena, the Island of Caprera, the Island of Santo Stefano, the Razzoli Island, Budelli Island, Santa Maria Island and Spargi Island.

However, closing this small parenthesis and returning therefore to the Island of San Pietro, here you can discover and admire cliffs, caves and ponds, which characterize its volcanic conformation.

Among the most beautiful beaches on the island of San Pietro, we cannot fail to mention the Caletta, which looks like a splendid cove of white and soft sand framed by dark rocks.

Well, all these wonders belong to the territory of the small town of Carloforte.

And citing Carloforte, we cannot fail to point out a very interesting detail.

In fact, in this small town, which is part of the circuit of “The most beautiful villages in Italy”, people talk, eat and respect Genoese traditions.

Yes, you read that right, we are talking about a village awarded the title of honorary municipality of Genoa.

In fact, a Genoese community has been present here for centuries, which settled in Sardinia around the year 1738.

The reasons for this choice, however, date back to 1540, when some fishermen and traders from Pegli left Liguria for the Tunisian island of Tabarca, attracted by the coral, known at the time as the red gold of the sea.

However, with the exhaustion of the coral reefs and with the raids carried out by pirates and Arabs, our compatriots found refuge right on the Sardinian coast.

Here they founded the municipalities of Carloforte and Calasetta, around the year 1741.

The history of the Genoese community of Sardinia thus began.

Carloforte and the Island of San Pietro: how to reach these destinations

The easiest and fastest way to reach Carloforte and the Island of San Pietro is certainly to disembark in Cagliari, rather than in Porto Torres.

The journey, choosing the 2nd option, would in fact be much longer.

Once in Cagliari, it will be sufficient to head towards Portovesme or Calasetta.

From these municipalities you can then embark for Carloforte by ferries that allow you to reach one of the most beautiful islands of Sardinia, namely the Island of San Pietro in about half an hour of navigation.

The beaches in Carloforte

The beaches in Carloforte are spectacular, to find a term that makes this concept better understood, we could certainly say that they are surrounded by a naturalistic and uncontaminated setting.

Furthermore, these spectacular beaches can be reached in an extremely easy way along the provincial roads that start right from the heart of the village.

Among the mostpopular are certainly: La Caletta, Capo Sandalo, Cala Fico, Punta delle Colonne, La Conca and Punta Nera.

What to see in Carloforte and on the island of San Pietro

Among the things to see absolutely in Carloforte and on the Island of San Pietro, in addition to the beautiful beaches mentioned above, there are certainly the historic center, in addition to the Natural Pool of Nasca, the stacks Le Colonne, the VecchiaTonnaraofCarloforte, the Lighthouse of Caposandaloand the Old Salt Pans of Carloforte.

It is also highly recommended, in order to be able to venture around the whole island of San Pietro, to rent a vehicle as walking around would be particularly complicated as we are talking about a very large area.

Visiting the island of San Pietro in its entirety, including Carloforte, is a fantastic experience that everyone, not just Ligurians, should do.

The reasons are many, we have tried to list many, but we want to leave you with the curiosity to discover even more when you visit him personally!


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