Rosa Canina Seed Oil Is Safe For Use Daily On All Varieties of Skin


The numerous advantages and nourishing properties of Rosa Canina Seed Oil have led to its widespread use in cosmetics. It is an excellent emollient and hydrating plant oil rich in fatty acids that are good for the skin.

Rosa seed oil comes from the rose’s fruit after it blooms and drops its petals. It doesn’t smell like roses, despite their name. The natural scent is mild and woody. The oil is derived from the seed, not the petals.


Rosa Canina Oil contains omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids. It is a rich source of vitamins C, A, E, F, K, and B, flavonoids, and beta-carotene essential for tissue and cell regeneration. 

Advantages of using Rosa Canina Seed Oil

Rosa Canina Seed Oil is non-comedogenic and easily absorbed. It’s non-greasy yet creates a protective coating on the skin that locks in moisture and maintains hydration. 

  • Adds elasticity and strength
  • Powerfully revitalizing
  • Reduces and smooths eye wrinkles
  • Synthesizes new collagen bonds

The oil also heals rosacea and acne, lessens the redness, lightens pigmentation, and softens scars. Silky smoothness and softness are the results of the skin.

When your hair is unruly owing to curls and frizzes, try mixing a few drops of our pure Rosa Canina Seed Oil into your regular shampoo. If you have curly or frizzy hair, this will help you control it.

Why use Sea Soak

Sea Soak is a bath salt developed to reduce muscle tension and aches while also helping users relax and unwind. It is the ideal combination to produce the most relaxing atmosphere for your time spent soaking in the tub. To alleviate aches and pains, sprinkle a scoop into your bath water.

The use of sea salt baths as a treatment for various conditions dates back centuries. You can have a nice bath with them or use them to clean wounds. The use of this bath salt can help relieve muscle tension and aches, hence facilitating relaxation. Other applications include:

  • Sea Salt Foot Soak – If you have problems with dry or uncomfortable feet, a sea salt foot soak is the perfect method to relax your feet while removing all of those calluses. It also helps soften calluses.
  • Sea Salt Ear Soak – Ear piercings can also be treated with soaks with sea salt. Ear soaks made with sea salt follow the same basic formula as those used to treat wounds.
  • Sea Salt Nasal Soak – It is also known as a saline nasal wash and is beneficial in treating sinusitis and nasal infections.
  • Sea Salt Soak for Wounds – This recipe is the same as the one used for piercings.
  • Sea Salt Body Scrub – Scrubs for the body made with sea salt can be formulated to treat various skin conditions. This encompasses anything from exfoliating the skin to creating a skin tone.

The sea salts that are the primary component of the sea soak packets have been utilized for the betterment of one’s appearance, health, and overall well-being for countless years. Sea Soak also promotes relaxation. In addition, it is an excellent product for muscle therapy, skin conditioning and nourishment, detoxification, and muscle relaxation. You can also use sea soak as a supplement to the bath water. It is beneficial to use following chiropractic adjustments, physical treatment, or massage therapy.

Get in touch with Hebe Botanica if you want to sample any of these products. Every one of our items is derived from natural plant materials, is devoid of mineral oil, is certified vegan, and does not include synthetic colours or artificial scents.

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