Remove Eye Extensions Easily at Home: Top Tips



Is it time for you to take off your fake eyelashes? If you’re a handyman, you could remove your eye extensions yourself. Others will never enter this area. 

Eyelash extensions are a fantastic way to improve the way you look when wearing makeup, but they do have a shelf life. You’ll need to choose an eyelash extension removal technique that won’t affect your natural lashes when that date is coming up or has already passed. Whatever strategy you decide on, all you require are the appropriate tools and patience. We’ve listed the best techniques for removing eyelash extensions below.

Use steam on your face

You can choose to steam your face as a way of getting rid of your eyelash extensions. This can aid in releasing your eyelashes from the glue’s tight grip. Heat and moisture are two things that lash adhesives are known to hate. They have the ability to disintegrate the lash adhesive when used jointly, in sufficient amounts, and with sufficient intensity. Spend about ten minutes steaming your face. Once finished, wipe your eyelashes gently with a cotton ball that has been dampened with water. Repeat the procedure if you notice that the false eyelashes are not slipping off.

Use an eye makeup remover

The perfect eye makeup remover can be extremely helpful for removing makeup from your face as well as for removing eyelash extensions. The best part is that it only needs a short while to perform its magic, with the oil aiding in the adhesive’s disintegration. Put some eye makeup remover on a cotton pad, and then place the pad over the eye for a few minutes. You need to wipe the area gently after giving the remover some time to soak your eyelashes. Continue until your lash extensions are taken off.

Utilize eyelash glue remover

Among the simplest ways to do away with your fake eyelash extensions is to utilize an eyelash glue remover, such as the one provided by Miami lashes. To easily separate your extensions, use an eyelash glue remover to weaken the adhesive’s bond. To guarantee that all of the fake lashes are taken off, you might need to redo the procedure. Be sure to adhere to the instructions outlined on the packaging for you to achieve the desired results

Final Thought 

Although it is conceivable to remove lash extensions at home, we strongly advise leaving the immediate removal of false lashes to the professionals because it involves removing high-quality lash glue. You need the special tools a lash specialist uses to successfully remove the eyelash extensions. What is more, removing eyelashes at home is also likely to contaminate the area around the eyes with bacteria that could cause an infection. 

The safest and simplest removal would be to visit the expert who applied the lashes. All lash bonding products are not created equal and may harm your eyes permanently. In addition to potential damage, removing them at home would require some trial and error.

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