Reasons to Enable the Find My iPhone Feature

Find My iPhone

Are you guilty of misplacing your phone at a fairly regular rate? Nobody is judging you for it, and Apple has made things easier for users by including a convenient feature called Find My iPhone. Thanks to this feature, you can track your phone when it goes missing. You can also keep tabs on the different devices that come and go in the Apple ecosystem. 

Primarily, Find My iPhone helps users identify the last known location of their phone if they’ve lost or misplaced it. Users can identify the location on the iCloud website or the Find iPhone application. You can even make your phone sound so you can find it. So, the feature works perfectly for tracking down your missing phone. But the feature does more than this. It works with almost all Apple devices and can be used to locate your missing iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, iPod touch, and even AirPods. Furthermore, it helps to protect your data if your device has been stolen. You can also make the feature work with Family Sharing if you wish to locate the devices owned by your family members. 

You can turn on the feature by going to Settings on your iPhone/iPad > tap on your Apple ID > tap on the Find My iPhone option > enable the option. While enabling this feature, ensure to allow Find My Network and Send Last Location options. 

You can turn it on on your Mac by going to System Preferences > clicking on iCloud and selecting the Find My Mac checkbox. Then, follow the instructions as they are prompted. 

While activating the Find My iPhone feature is excellent, and the reasons are discussed below, there are those rare instances when it is wise to disable Find My iPhone. For example, if you are trading or selling your iPhone, you must turn off this feature so that the phone’s new owner cannot access your information. 

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Now, look at some of the great tricks that Find My iPhone has up its sleeve that make it prudent to keep this feature turned on unless you give your phone in for service or sell it. 

  • The Lost Mode Feature – If you are invoking this mode for your Apple Watch or iOS device, you will have to enter a phone number when you can be reached if you have misplaced your device and a message. Then, the Lost Mode will kick in when your device awakens, and there’s a stable Internet connection. If any unauthorized person tries to access your device, they will see your message and the place where a passcode must be entered. If your device is safely returned to you, enter the passcode, and the message will be dismissed. You can use your device normally. 
  • The Lock Feature – The lock feature is available on the Mac, and once it is enabled, it will protect your entire system with a four-digit passcode. Also, you can enter a message that will show up on the lock screen. However, once a Mac is locked, you cannot erase its data. So, you must only lock it if you think you will get it back. 
  • The Erase Feature – Your device might have a complicated password or passcode. But it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful. A thief might gain access to your data if they crack the password. Therefore, you can use the erase feature to remove your data so that the thief doesn’t get it. However, once you erase your data, you won’t be able to see the last location of your phone in Find My iPhone. So, erase data if you have lost all hope of getting your phone back. 
  • The Activation Lock – If your Apple Watch or iPhone is stolen, you can turn on Find My iPhone and enable Activation Lock. It is a helpful feature and prevents unauthorized people from switching off your Find My iPhone feature, setting it up for a new user, or erasing your data. The Activation Lock makes it difficult for your device to be stolen because even if it is stolen, it cannot be shared or used by anyone else. Once you get your device back, you can quickly restore your backup. 

In summation, Find My iPhone is a great feature, and it can help you locate your phone if you have misplaced it or it has been stolen. The feature will help you find out your phone’s last known location quickly, so you can quickly recover it. If you cannot recover your device, you can use this feature to erase your data so that nobody can access sensitive information. 

So, if you haven’t turned on this feature yet, follow the steps mentioned above to switch it on. Keeping your device safe is your responsibility, and therefore, this feature must always be turned on.

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