The 5 most important reasons to choose a black kitchen

black kitchen

Continuing with the line of the previous posts in which we analyzed the main trends in kitchens in 2023, today we want to talk to you about black kitchens and the most important aspects that will make you decide on this type of kitchen, either for new construction or also in case that you are thinking of reforming your kitchen.

It is true that black kitchens are in fashion. Who is not impressed by a black kitchen? It gives the impression that any dish you cook in these kitchens will be an haute cuisine dish, worthy of any restaurant with several Michelin stars. Halfway between classic and sophisticated, a black kitchen will delight anyone in love with elegance and beauty.

Now, surely more than one will be thinking about whether having a black kitchen at home is practical or not. If not, it will be very difficult to keep it always clean, and even if, in the current space of your home, a new kitchen in black tones of new work could fit.

All these doubts and some more will be resolved below. We are going to analyze step by step everything you need to know about black kitchens through the 5 most important aspects of this type of kitchen.


Possibly the most important feature of a black kitchen (and what will most attract your attention) is the elegant and sophisticated touch that they bring to your home. There is no rival before a kitchen in black tones.

Many times we talk about designer kitchens and, possibly, in our imagination the typical image of a clean, minimalist, and modern white kitchen is formed. Now, are black kitchens also designer kitchens? To answer this question, just look around you and you will see that the color black is present in many more designs than the color white, whether for clothing, electronic devices, cars, etc…

If you decide on a completely black kitchen, you should also think about the idea of ​​​​using black appliances. Contrary to what it might seem, black appliances should not be a problem. Today they can be found in any provider without the need to be specialized in the subject.

A 100% black kitchen is a kitchen for all those people who feel attracted by adventure and, in a way, are different from the vast majority of people. If you are not made to follow social conventions, do not doubt that a black kitchen will perfectly represent your way of being.


Imagine a very hot summer day. Imagine also that you have to go outside at noon in the full sun. What color of clothes would you wear? Certainly not black.

Indeed, the black color absorbs more light than lighter colors and therefore, in summer, we spend more heat if we wear black clothes. This comparison does not mean that if you decide on a black kitchen, it will be warmer than a white kitchen.

It is simply that it needs more lighting because the light rays are reflected in less quantity than in a kitchen with lighter tones.

So the lighting in black kitchens is a problem? Not. If your kitchen has a good layout and you get plenty of natural light during the day, your kitchen will look great without needing to turn on a single light bulb.

If, on the other hand, there is not much natural lighting in your kitchen, you should project a good artificial lighting system in general on all the elements of your black kitchen.

There isn’t much to worry about lighting in black kitchens when you put yourself in the hands of kitchen design professionals. This aspect of kitchens is so important that it is a very good option to put our ideas aside and see what solutions kitchen lighting specialists can offer us.

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Together, lighting and space could go hand in hand with the most important aspects of black kitchens. Both are the most determining factors to create a different and elegant environment.

It is true that, with a few exceptions, our kitchen design professionals recommend installing black kitchens only in large open rooms. If your kitchen space isn’t big enough, a kitchen with black cabinets, countertops, and appliances will make the space seem even smaller than it is.

In any case, we recommend that the two best arrangements for black kitchens would be the open kitchen type and even an American-style kitchen. This type of kitchen provides the necessary space for the color black to be the protagonist of the kitchen without the need to overwhelm our vision of it.


Following the line of the previous point, the best option to create a visually attractive environment in your black kitchen would be to combine the elements of the kitchen with different colors and textures beyond dark tones.

If the space you have is not large enough for a black kitchen to look good, we recommend combining and mixing the elements in black tones with others in lighter colors or with a different texture. By generating a little contrast you will be able to create the necessary depth for your black kitchen.

Whether it’s with some details or with appliances, this mix of colors and textures can give your black kitchen an even more elegant and sophisticated touch. The black color is a very versatile color capable of being in harmony and fitting in perfectly with other materials such as steel or wood.

If you decide to use wood, your black kitchen will have a more rustic touch without losing its style. On the other hand, steel gives a more industrial and modern tone to black kitchens.

Another of the most used combinations in black kitchens would be traditional tiles and tiles. These elements, within a black kitchen, work perfectly if the idea is to create a traditional environment but with an elegant and modern air. These types of kitchens are not in high demand, but they are still a very good option.

Already in lesser amounts of use, there are black marble countertops or walls with slate tiles. Both are dark-colored elements that would fit perfectly within a black kitchen.


There is a theory that black is dirtier than others. But is that true? Are some colors dirtier or cleaner than others? Is it a matter of our visual perception?

The fairest thing would be to say that, in black, dirt stands out more than in other colors. It would also be fair to say that the kitchen is, or should be, the cleanest place in a house.

We would like to mention the importance of cleanliness in kitchens. There is a whole microscopic universe that we cannot see with the naked eye but that can be quite dangerous for humans in some cases.

In case you want to delve into this topic, take a look at our previous post on ecological kitchens to discover what cleaning methods without synthetic chemicals currently exist.

Many people do not finish deciding on a black kitchen due to the inconvenience of dirt. But the reality is that a black kitchen is just as dirty as a white one or a wooden kitchen.

The really important thing would be that we always maintain immaculate cleanliness after using our kitchens, whatever our design, colors, and materials.

These have been the most important aspects of black kitchens. Surely we have left a few things behind along the way, but if you have come this far, possibly now you have a more complete idea than before of what a black kitchen entails and everything you need to know about them.

And so far our post on the most important aspects of black kitchens. We hope we have helped you decide on this type of kitchen, either for new construction or to reform your current kitchen.


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