Real vs Fake Rose Quartz: How To Tell If Your Product Is Real


Known as the crystal of unconditional love, natural rose quartz crystal is a type of crystal that offers its users a soft hue and elegance. According to the general belief, this product helps to boost relationships, by purifying and opening the heart. As amazing as rose quartz crystals are, you need to understand they also have their issues. One of them is that several pieces in the market imitate this stone. Unfortunately, if care is not taken, you might end up buying the wrong product.

That said, here’s a frequently asked question; what is the best way to identify a fake and real natural rose quartz crystal?

  1. Fake vs Real Natural Rose Quartz Crystal: Touch

How exactly do you feel when you touch your rose quartz crystal product? Does it feel cool to the touch or not? If your crystal product feels cool, it’s a good sign that it’s real and not fake. After wearing a rose quartz crystal around your neck, it’ll warm up from your body. The bottom line is that this type of crystal features a cooling nature.

2. Color

Color is one of the determining factors when buying the perfect natural rose quartz crystal products. One thing you need to understand is that these stones are usually available in diverse colors, including very light pink and medium-dark pink. Of all these colors, products with the deepest colors are usually the most desired.

Today, it’s very easy to find deep-colored, large-sized, rose crystal products. But you can never say the same thing for smaller products, as the ones with good colors are rare.

That said, if the crystal product you’re evaluating is too bright or dark, you should avoid it at all costs. The real natural rose quartz color should be pale pinkish not too bright.

3. Air bubbles

Another effective way to check and confirm that your so-called natural rose quartz crystal is by performing air bubble tests. If you can find air bubbles underneath the surface of your crystal product, it’s a good sign that you’re holding a fake piece. Real rose quartz products shouldn’t have any air bubbles under their surface.

4. Glass scratch test 

You can also examine your rose quartz crystal to understand whether or not it is real by performing a ‘glass scratch’ test. For this test, you need a glass and your crystal item.

According to Moh’s hardness scale, natural rose quartz crystals are rated 7 while glass is just 5 – in terms of hardness. What this means is that your crystal product is harder than your glass.

For this test, get the rose quartz and scratch it on the surface of your glass. Did you notice any scratches on the glass? If yes, it means you have a real crystal. If not, then what you have is certainly dyed rose quartz.

5. GIA-certified

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certification is another determining factor when selecting the best natural rose quartz crystals. To understand whether your product is real or fake, all you need is to check whether it’s GIA-certified.

6. Who is the seller?

Azervon is one of the top-rated and most reliable sellers of different crystals, including rose quartz and natural Amethyst quartz clusters. If you’re buying directly from this store, you can always rest assured that your rose quartz is real.

The bottom line is – always make you verify a seller before buying your preferred crystal products. With a trustworthy company, you won’t have any course to doubt the quality level of your crystals.

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