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“Read in the name of your Lord, who has created (all that exists), created man from a clot. Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous.”

(Surah Al-‘Alaq, 96:1-5)

Most of those who memorize the Quran do not know the meaning of Ijazah. It is better to explain it first. It is a license from the Sheikh who gives Ijazah to a student who will get this license to recite the whole Quran without using the Mushaf with Tajweed and the accuracy of memorization and that he has been able to give Ijazah to others who want to get Ijazah.

To hold Ijazah is to have the authority to recite and teach the Holy Quran to other muslims. However, you cannot have that license unless the holder of the Ijazah gives it to you. The succession of the rulers of Ijazah (Sanad) goes back to the Prophet Muhammad, as he taught knowledge of the Islamic religion to his companions and gave authority to people who were fully capable of passing it on to others. The people with this authority continued to train others, and made sure that they only gave permission to transmit the Holy Quran to well-qualified people, so the chain continued to this day.

There are two types of Ijazah:-

– Ijazah in Quran Recitation (any 10 of Qiraat)

– Ijazah in Quran Memorization (any 10 of Qiraat)

Quran Ijazah Course Online

Holding Ijazah is not limited to certain people, any Muslim can do it if all the requirements are met, so he has what it takes to teach others, and these requirements are:

Fully able to recite the Holy Quran without making mistakes.

Fully able to recite the Holy Quran with Tajweed Rules.

Memorizing the Holy Quran and reciting it by heart (Hifz Ijazah).

Reciting the Holy Quran from the Mushaf (Recitation Ijazah).

Through the study of “Quran Ijazah”, our certified Quran Experts will verify your skills and abilities and test your knowledge of Quran to give you Ijazah.

We will test your knowledge and hold that particular forum. You will have to pass the tests to be able to get the Ijazah, and it will not be difficult for us. Our Quran scholars and experts will help you with.

“The one who is proficient in the recitation of the Qur’an will be with the honorable and obedient scribes (angels), and he who recites the Qur’an and finds it difficult to recite, doing his best to recite it in the best way possible, will have two rewards.”

(Sahih Al-Bukhari & Muslim)

10 Qiraat Quran Course Online

The 10 Qiraat are 10 different ways to recite the Quran. Each of these 10 Qiraat derives its name from the famous Rawi “Narrator”, who narrates it with an established and authentic chain and has its own recitation method and Tajweed rules that allow for the pronunciation of letters and words, definitions, extensions, and more.

The purpose of these 10 Qiraat is to demonstrate the wonderful nature of the Holy Quran, and it is about the simplicity of our certified teachers who help you learn 10 different methods of reciting the Quran through the rules of Tajweed.

Reason 10 Quran Qira’at Course Different dialects spoken by Arab Muslims in many Muslim countries. This lesson will help all Muslims from all over the world to read, recite and memorize the Qur’an in any of the 10 Qira’at in a simple and understandable way for them to make it easier for them according to the Qiraah (Recitation Method) adopted in their country.


To get Ijazah, you must be perfect in Tajweed and be able to recite the Holy Quran with proper Tajweed rules. You also need to be taught by the person in charge of the Ijazah because no one can give you this license unless they have the authority to do so. If you are considering this option, contact us, as our instructor is:

Ijazah Holder. Experienced in the field. Uses an interactive teaching method. He or She is extremely friendly. Ijazah gives you the confidence to recite and Memorize the Holy Quran. Also, it helps you to follow the Quran lessons given to your children, even teaching Quran to your family members. Therefore, subscribe to the “Mishkah Academy” lessons and get yourself the opportunity to become a certified teacher and preacher of the message of Allah.

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