Prosource Diesel’s Glow Plugs

Glow Plug

We’re lifeless withinside the center of wintry weather right here in Southeast Missouri, in addition to many different elements of the United States, this means that our project these days is ideal timing. We have a 1999 Ford F-250 that we’ve tinkered on during the last yr and its miles beginning to stack the miles up. Although maximum of the tasks we’ve carried out in this truck had overall performance in mind, renovation is simply as essential. With the assistance of Prosource Diesel, this truck may be equipped for this frigid bloodless climate.

Currently, the temperature out of doors is 25º F. While that might not appear that bloodless to a number of you, those vans don’t care. Once you begin stepping into that 30-diploma climate and go into that freezing threshold, those vans begin to be aware of it. This 7.3-liter Power Stroke is based on glow plugs.

The glows plug is a completely essential part of the operation of those engines. They assist and offer warmness in the combustion chamber. If the specified temperature to hearthplace isn’t reached because of defective glow plugs, the overall performance of the engine can and may be weakened. It will to paintings greater tough to fulfill the needs of the road.

If you’ve ever heard a truck commenced in a freezing climate and its idle may be very choppy, you recognize what I mean. The remaining time the glow plugs have been changed is unknown; heck, we don’t recognize if they’ve ever been changed.

With that being said, we reached out to We recognize they provide a full-on substitute package for those vans. After they despatched us a package, we unboxed it to peer what all of it got here with and it looks as if we were given a pile of nice elements right here that promise to impress.

I rather propose that you use this package as it comes with proper Motorcraft ZD-eleven plugs. Yes, there are lots of o.e.m alternatives out there, however, we’ve heard horror memories of the aftermarket plugs failing in advance or simply now no longer lasting as long. The OEM devices are tough to overcome for the rate and because you’re this deep into it, why now no longer update it with nice elements?

Some of the issues with aftermarket plugs consist of swelling of the guidelines and breaking off withinside the cylinder throughout disassembly. This might be catastrophic for this system and might require an intensive quantity of labor to repair. So, we’re trusting this package.

What’s Inside?

What we have been cleared after have been new glow plugs. We desired to make certain this truck didn’t have a piece of hassle whilst it got here to firing off on the one’s bloodless early mornings. What’s cool is this package comes with a lot more.

Other than 8 new Motorcraft ZD-eleven glow plugs, the package got here with eighteen butt connectors,  outside injector connector pigtails with 12-inch leads, 4 crankcase air flow o-rings, and new valve cowl gaskets. These valve cowl gaskets are a one-piece layout constructed with PTFE-coated, copper-center wire, ensuing in ideal fitment and sealing.


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