Product Owner Course Objectives and cost of the certification

Product Owner

In business, we as strategists plan a supervisor to keep an eye on the whole process, and the steps of production and a manager to give out jobs. All these roles and many more get played by a single person, the Product Owner, who is in charge of everything.

There are many ways one can upgrade their career and learn how to be a Product Owner. With the most recent market trends, there is a huge need for Product Owners and their skills. This article will give us a gist of the Scrum Alliance Product Owner course Objectives.

Who is a Product Owner?

Product Owners are the key stakeholder in the project. They are the one who builds and conveys the vision of the project to the stakeholders and the product development team. He holds the values of the agile method and ensures it gets executed in the group during product development. 

Product Owners need to have a strong understanding of the marketplace, competition, and any prevailing trend in the field. The Product Owner sees how much work is to complete and then plans the sprint. Sprint is a dedicated period in which a certain number of tasks have to get completed, and then the work gets reviewed. The number of sprints depends on the amount of work. 

Scrum Product Owner course details 

Product Owner Scrum Course certification gives you useful training, which gives you a good chance of getting a job in this tough job market.

The certificate will teach you how to give work to the team and make sure they are produced so that you can make great products for the customer. The course helps people learn how to talk to each other well so that the group can work well. The certification shows that you have all the skills that the industry wants. It’s a complete package for anyone who wants to work in project management or get a promotion at their current job.

The course provides a broad detail about the scrum framework and agile method and how to apply it in the sector. The course also provides you with the perspective of a manager who needs the right skills to lead the team in the right direction. The most crucial role of a Product Owner is to provide the proper roadmap to the team to increase the ROI. 

The certification course consists of two days of online virtual classes. Trained professional certified Scrum Trainers conduct the training. During training, simulations and classroom exercises help people understand how things work in real life. The course content is not very vast and very specific.

The course contains the basics of scrum, product vision, release management, and sprints. After completing the training, an assessment must attempt, requiring the least passing marks. After the evaluation, you have to accept the license, which is good for two years before it needs to get renewed.

Objectives of the course 

  • Makes the business more flexible by making sure the job of the product owner gets done well.
  • Perceive the idea that the project is more important than the product.
  • The course helps you learn to adopt the correct strategy, which enables you to increase the team’s efficiency.
  • Understanding the scrum principle and implementing it
  • Understanding the product owner’s responsibilities
  • The course helps you align the thought process with the goal and vision of the project.
  • The course helps people improve their communication skills well, which is important because the product owner needs to talk to stakeholders and the development team.
  • It helps people learn how to deal with things such as managing the product backlog, managing releases, and making predictions.
  • Plan ways to deal with any sudden situations.
  • Consistent communication with the relevant parties to exchange information and get perspective on product development.

Product Owner Training Cost: Everything you need to know about it 

Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Product Owner course provides foundational training on the scrum framework. This course helps you come up with ideas for and run a successful sprint to improve customer satisfaction. The course duration is 14 hours which is a live online training and 16 hours of in-person training. The pricing of this course is $1300.


As product owners become more popular in the software industry, a lot of people have signed up for this course. It is very much essential to choose the correct certifications with the right goal. Product owners must have the fundamentals of scrum development and the right skills to convey any information to the team. 


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