Here Are The Steps To Preparing Your Car For Transport


Are you about to relocate? One of the things you may have to ship to your new address is your car. And as expected, the shipping company will do most of the heavy lifting. But what they can’t do is prepare your car for shipping. That’s your responsibility. Preparing your car reduces the risk of damage and prevents delays at customs. Take a look at some ways you can prepare your vehicle for transportation.

Wash Your Vehicle and Remove the Trash

The shipping company will likely send a person to pick up the car. This person must do a vehicle condition report, documenting the car’s condition before it leaves your hands. With a clean car, both of you can properly assess the vehicle for any scratches, dents, ding, paint chips, and any other damage. Don’t wait until the driver arrives before you start cleaning the car. Do it early to have ample time to clean it thoroughly and save the driver’s time.

Disable Anti-Theft Devices

Before handing over your car, disable anti-theft devices like alarms. The people transporting your car must have unrestricted access to your car, just in case of anything during transportation.

Check for Leaks

Check the car’s undercarriage for any leaks before shipping. If the leak is too aggressive, the shipping company may refuse to take the car. That’s why you need to start preparing your car early, to notice such damage and fix it before the New York car shipping company gets it. Plus, you also wouldn’t want the car placed on top of yours dripping transmission fluid or oil all over your car, would you?

Remove Personal Belongings From the Car

Remove all valuable items from the car, such as electronic devices, ornaments, and documents. Whatever you leave in the car can get lost or stolen, and the moving company will not be held liable. Also, considering that car shipping takes several days, do you really want to be away from your things for that long?

Address Engine and Mechanical Problems

Is your car working properly? It’s good to check for mechanical problems, especially the engine, before transportation. Better yet, have a mechanic tune it up. If your car isn’t running, notify the transportation company, as your car will need the proper equipment to be loaded on the transportation vehicle.

Have an Extra Set of Keys With You

A driver can’t get your car on and off the transportation trailer without keys. The company needs them for transport and delivery. If your car is older, you may need an extra ignition key, glove compartment key, and door lock key. Whichever keys are needed to operate your vehicle, have them ready?

Consider Getting a Moving Insurance Company

There’s always the possibility of something going wrong, especially with things beyond your control. Get a moving insurance policy if you know you’re moving the car for a long distance. It will give you peace of mind to know that you’re covered should anything happen.

Preparing your car earlier makes your work and that of the transportation company easier. You’ll prevent the loss of your valuables and prevent misunderstandings.


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