PlayStation 4 Most Common Error Codes

PlayStation 4

There are a variety of PlayStation 4 error codes that you will have encountered, at least if you’ve used the console at all for a while. No doubt, if you’re an avid user of your console, you’ve experienced one on at least one occasion. Although these are annoying, it is helpful to know what sort of error codes you’re dealing with so you can find out the fix sooner.

One of the more common errors is error code CE-30005-8. When a game shows the error code CE-30005-8, it means that either the game disc is corrupted or your PS4 believes the console’s hard drive is corrupted, such as a PS4 update is being installed, and you’re trying to install a game via disc, then the error code may appear.

Another common error code is error code CE-34878-0. It’s a persistent problem that can occur at any time without warning, regardless of what version of PS4 firmware your console is running. The game closes and shows a blue screen with a message containing the error code CE-34878-0, indicating that the game has crashed.

One of the other error codes is the CE-36329-3 error code. The CE-36329-3 error code always comes with an error message that there is an error in the system software. This can happen when you are playing or trying to launch a particular game or application. What’s particularly harmful about this bug is that it can affect all installed apps on PS4 in some cases.

Another error code that you may have encountered, especially if you play online, is error code NP-34957-8. This is one of several error codes that Sony has officially given a definitive cause for, that being that PSN is probably down due to some form of maintenance. Because of this, it means that there is nothing you can do to fix the problem except wait for the maintenance to finish.

The fifth error code on our list is error code SU-30746-0. PS4 error code SU-30746-0 is an error that can sometimes occur when your PS4 console has problems processing the latest PS4 firmware update. PS4 error SU-30746-0 occurs when the system cannot find the correct update file to update the PS4 system software. This is usually a software problem, not a hardware problem.

Online play is a big part of the PS4 experience; that’s why error code CE-32894-6 can be particularly annoying. Error CE-32894-6 is related to an Internet connection. It comes with the message “The connection to the server has been lost. There may be a network connection problem, or the PlayStation Network or service provider’s server may be temporarily busy. (CE-32894-6)” on your screen.

If you’ve been experiencing an error code while paying for games, it may be the error code WS-43709-3. The WS-43709-3 error code encountered by PlayStation 4 users when purchasing occurs due to many issues that limit their access to the game. Error code WS-43709-3 is a common problem on PS4 that occurs when your credit card expires or you use an invalid payment option.

While these are the most common error codes, there are a lot more too. The rest are briefly described below:

  • NP-36006-5 Your trophy data may be corrupted.
  • SU-41350-3 The update file cannot be recognized.
  • WS-37469-9 Failed to connect to the server.
  • CE-37732-2 The downloaded file was not installed in the system properly.CE-34335-8 No Hard Disk Drive detected in your PS4.
  • CE-34788-0 This update file cannot be used.
  • SU-42481-9 The system software update has failed.
  • CE-32930-7 Downloaded data on HDD is likely to be corrupted.
  • WC-40343-4 The credit or debit card information stored on your account is invalid.
  • E-8200012C Credit or debit card information is invalid.
  • NW-31253-4 A network error occurred. Response from the DNS server is delayed or unstable.
  • CE-33992-6 Internet connection test error.
  • NW-31297-2 Unable to connect to the wireless network.

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