Planning to Buy a Treadmill? 4 Checklist to Follow


A treadmill is one of the best cardio machines ever made. It can help you lose fat, burn calories, and strengthen your muscles. That is why it is a great investment for your home workout setup. Adding a treadmill will ensure you never miss a walk or run, irrespective of the weather outside. Also, for people who want to tone down their bodies without going to the gym, having a treadmill at their home is quite beneficial. It will help them become healthier by walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes every day. The best part about this cardio machine is that you will have no excuse to not work out.

After reading this, are you sure about purchasing a treadmill? But not sure how to buy the best one? Since it’s not a cheap investment, you should decide which one to buy depending on a few factors, which are discussed below.

The performance

The first factor which will help you determine whether a treadmill is a good fit for you or not is its performance- the maximum speed. Determine whether you need the treadmill to stay in shape by walking. Or you want to improve your shape by using the treadmill to run. You need to consider these two options when looking for a model. The best thing to do is to buy a model with fast maximum speed. It will be better than your average speed and will help you enhance your fitness levels. Also, the incline feature of the machine will help you twist your workout and lose weight by burning more calories.

Space in the house

A treadmill is a big machine, even if it looks smaller in the store. Therefore, when bringing such a massive machine home, you need to measure the space before you place it in your gym room. Measure the space and keep in mind all the other equipment you will place in the room. After that, look at multiple treadmills whose size matches your space and has other features too.

To save space, you may think that buying a folding treadmill is a good option. However, that’s not the case. Even after folding, it will take up a lot of space. Also, to fold it, you have to tilt it on its wheel and move it, which is a challenge because the machine is quite heavy. So, if you are thinking of buying a foldable treadmill, first check how easy or tough it is to fold it in the store. It will save you the trouble of returning it if it doesn’t fit.

Have a budget and compare the prices

You can buy a treadmill from $ 500 to above $ 2000. As with always, you get what you pay for. If you buy a cheap treadmill for $500, you will not get a sturdy treadmill. It will break down quickly when used regularly, and the warranty period is only 90 days. Treadmills with the price range of $ 800 to $ 1000, have a few good pieces, with labor costs included or with minimal extra charges. However, again these are not suitable for working out on the treadmill all year round. Occasional use will make them last for a year or two.

The most expensive treadmill comes at $ 2000 or above. These are the best machines with excellent performance, providing the best benefits. If you run or walk on the treadmill every day, you should buy one within this price range. It is also great if you have more than one person training on the treadmill.

It is just an overview of the price. You may or may not find a better deal. Check for all the features you are looking for in a treadmill with the price. It will help you find the correct fit for you.

Treadmill Accessories

Most brands have a few treadmill accessories for your machine to make it better for you to achieve your fitness goals. Check to see if the one you are buying provides these or not. These accessories may include mats, cleaning, and entertainment materials.

These factors will ensure you buy the right treadmill and fulfil your fitness goals. Other factors like features, set-up and delivery may also play a part in deciding which treadmill is best for you.


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