Modern Ways to Style Long Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut

Pixie cut exits in between a bob and a pixie. We have seen some celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry rock this beautiful short hairstyle that we admire them. Long haircut hairstyles are ideal for busy ladies with fast-paced lifestyles since they don’t require a lot of maintenance and a long-time of styling. Complement it with stunning bangs or edgy undercut, ragged or smooth, curly or straight, and you will rock a fantastic style.

And one thing that is admired about pixie hairstyles is their flexibility. You can tailor it to fit any hair type and face, shape-especially for women with fine hair since this sophisticated haircut effortlessly incorporates shape and touch. We guarantee endless compliments once you style your hair into one of these beautiful pixie cut styles we have compiled here for you.

1. Fun Long Pixie Undercut

When you see this beautiful and super funky hairstyle, you would wish to go short. This asymmetrical haircut on straight locks also appears great on heavily textured hair and all face shapes.

2. Asymmetrical Pixie

This is an ideal style for those who need to maintain their natural hair but still reveal an edgy long pixie. The hair is cut unevenly, which works perfectly with the natural texture of balancing and highlighting your face shape.

3. Long Layered Pixie Cut for Women with Round Face

The texture is what makes this long-layered pixie haircut stand out from the others. Long asymmetrical bangs look great on round faces and work to narrow them down. You can also include waves to get a soft and cute look. Layering pixie is a great way to get more ways of styling short hair, especially for ladies who don’t like shorter lengths.

4. Cool Curly Pixie

Did you know that you can style pixie for your curly hair? Well, it is possible, and this cool pixie shows that. Styling haircuts for your curls is all about dimension and texture. Allow some pieces to fall on your forehead and sides for a flirty look. 

5. Contemporary Messy Long Pixie Cut

The importance of having beautiful and small hairstyles is that you will not need much time to style, as the enhanced tousled appearance is enough to make the entire style look fashionable. This long pixie haircut is ideal for women who need something sassy and effortless style.

6. Long Pixie and Bangs

A modern and daring hairstyle can be achieved if you are courageous enough to cut your hair to this short. The piece-y bangs add a boost to the entire appearance of this youthful look. It is a great style to rock if you want to cut some years off your real age. 

7. Edgy Long Pixie Bob Haircut

Bobs are some of the cutest options for long pixie haircuts. However, this haircut is not one of the most straightforward hairstyles to maintain. To maintain it, keep your hair chopped and shape it inwards. To add dimension to your hair, use shadow roots.

8. Pixie Haircut for Women with Curly Hair

Here are beautiful and stylish names chopped short of making your face the center of attraction. It highlights your face perfectly. It is an excellent way to minimize the maintenance needed for curly hair. Pixie haircuts that feature curls offer an additional texture that highlights the facial features. 

9. Cute Pixie for Women Over 50

Many older women prefer this haircut since it requires less maintenance, and you can use various shades to complement their natural grey hair. If you want it, take a picture to your stylist so she can know the style you want, and if it is not suitable for you, she will be able to propose another style for you.

10. Chic Long Pixie for Women with Thin Hair

This haircut is a fresh and modern haircut that is also very versatile. The haircut can be styled on wavy or straight hair.


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