Pitch Deck Design Service: 5 Startup Pitch Deck Mistakes To Avoid

Pitch Deck

Pitch decks are one of the most effective fundraising tools used by entrepreneurs to get the attention of investors. With a great pitch deck design service, you should be able to wow potential investors about your startup idea and engage them in conversations, which could result in them funding your business.

As amazing as pitch decks are, there are a few common mistakes you need to avoid if you want to get the best of them. As you read on, you’ll get to know about these pitch deck mistakes, including why choosing Spectup as your preferred startup consultant is worthwhile.

Mistake #1: Not anticipating questions from investors 

One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to pitching their startup idea to investors is “failing to anticipate feedback from investors.” It’s pretty simple; most entrepreneurs often meet investors strictly to talk about their business idea. They do this without preparing to answer even the most fundamental questions regarding their pitch deck.

A good pitch deck design service provider should advise you on why the need to practice your pitch deck matters before meeting an investor. One effective way to practice your pitch deck is by presenting it in front of your friends and colleagues. After the presentation, you should allow the audience to ask relevant questions regarding your pitch deck. If you can’t answer these questions, then you need to practice more and more, until you’re sure you can answer any questions from the investors.

Mistake #2: Too much explanation 

Another common issue that startup owners often make when pitching their ideas is ‘too much explanation.’ Agreed, your business idea is slightly complicated and you need to explain it in the best way possible. Instead of trying to explain everything about your startup, a good idea is to stick to the basics, keeping them clear and concise.

Mistake #3: Overloading content

The right pitch deck design service provider understands the drawbacks of overloading your content. Instead of adding all useful information about your business in a slide deck, consider sticking to a few points. Yes, only consider adding a few key points to your slide deck to create a more professional impression.

Mistake #4: Too many slides

According to the top startup consultants, the ideal number of slides for a startup pitch deck is 10 or 11. Anything above that is considered “too many.” Unfortunately, too many slides often come with a couple of drawbacks:

  • First, it makes the investors feel you are not fully prepared.
  • Too many slides can also make an investor lose focus on what you’re pitching.
  • Unnecessarily plenty of slides mean you lack the right time management skills and confidence.

The bottom line is; there’s no point in adding too many slides to your pitch deck. This explains why you should do your due diligence before choosing a pitch deck design service provider. Even if your startup idea is complicated, the right consultant knows what to do to avoid adding too many slides.

Mistake #5: Inconsistency in pitch deck design

Inconsistency in pitch deck design is another common mistake that startup owners often make. A lot of people often overlook the design aspect of their presentation. This sometimes leads to an all-over-the-place design that will prevent your message from being conveyed, accordingly.The best pitch deck design service provider, such as Spectup, understands exactly what they need to do to make your design stand out. High-resolution pictures, your brand colors, and simple design are a few of the elements that’ll make your pitch deck stand out.

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