PC Gaming vs Console Gaming: Which is better for Gaming?

PC vs Console Gaming

Every gamer must decide whether they would rather play on a console gaming or a personal computer. A dispute regarding which one is superior is the type of discussion that gets message boards buzzing with activity; for example, which one has the lowest price point, the most impressive aesthetics, or the most intense multiplayer competition? In the event that you are torn between playing video games on a console or on a personal computer, we will dissect either side of the argument in order to assist you in making your choice.

It doesn’t matter if you play on a computer or a video game console; what matters most is that you have fun. When choosing your choice, you should take into account a number of factors, including your available funds, your level of technical expertise, and the upgrades that are currently available.

PC Gaming vs Console Gaming


PC gamers and console gamers both want to get the most value for their money, but the definition of “most valuable” and the metrics used to assess it are not the same for both communities. The expenditures associated with playing video games on a console are often restricted to the acquisition of the system itself, additional controllers, games, and sometimes online multiplayer passes. There is a vast selection of hardware available to pick from if you decide to create your own personal computer for playing video games on a personal computer (PC), but not every PC gamer has their own customized machine.

It is hard to tell whether consoles or personal computers are more cost-effective because there is such a vast array of options and disparities in how much value is perceived. It is entirely dependent on the person in question. To acquire the platform that you want, the amount of your budget needs to be determined by the level of customization and performance that you are interested in having.

Technical Skills

PC gamers, in general, are expected to have a higher level of technical expertise than console players. The addition of new hardware to a console can be done, and it is conceivable to do so, although doing so is not required. Players of video games on consoles really need to be able to upgrade or install sequels to their games.

Even if they bought a pre-built gaming machine, PC gamers still require at least a basic degree of technical expertise to play the games they buy. And by technical abilities, we do not mean the ability to create HTML code; rather, we mean the ability to set up a computer while having a general understanding of how it functions. An intermediate degree of ability is required for a PC gamer who wants to update hardware components and install new drivers for those components. This may be done by the PC gamer themselves.


A relatively low degree of technical expertise is all that is required to install new hardware in a console. The potential for expansion is significantly greater with a personal computer. Each individual piece of hardware may be modified, in addition to other purely aesthetic elements, such as the system’s casing.

Advantages Of Console Gaming

These are the benefits and drawbacks of playing video games on a personal computer. Let’s move on to the positive aspects of gaming consoles now.

You Don’t Have To Upgrade the Hardware

Consoles are often purchased with the understanding that they would be replaced within five to ten years by models that are considered to be superior in terms of features and capabilities.

There is a possibility that you may need to purchase an external hard drive for the sake of storage, but other than that, the only additional charges you will incur will be for games, online services, and accessories.

Simple & Easy To Use

To use a gaming console, all one has to do is switch it on and load a game; there is no need to wait for anything to boot up for an especially extended period of time. Because it is intended to be used for gaming, it is the primary activity that it concentrates on and excels at.

There is a possibility that a personal computer (PC) offers more, but in terms of how everything is laid up, it may be somewhat more complicated and crowded.

Consoles Are Generally Cheaper Than PCs

There is no getting around the fact that the most recent generation of gaming consoles comes with a price tag that is far higher than that of its predecessors. They are still less expensive than the majority of gaming personal computers, and they are without a doubt less expensive than gaming personal computers that are worth the amount they are asked to charge.

Takes Up Less Space

The designs of consoles appear to change from one generation to the next, although in general, consoles do not take up an excessive amount of space. They are small enough to be stored on a shelf, placed behind a television, or even placed next to one when it is placed on a desk, and they are light enough to be moved around without any difficulty.

Console Exclusive Games

It’s not uncommon for consoles to have massively popular exclusive games while personal computers are left out in the cold. There are many different examples to pick from, but two of them are Halo for Xbox and Uncharted for PlayStation.

However, there are other titles, like Sea of Thieves, that will start out as an exclusive but will ultimately be ported over to PC. Sea of Thieves is one such game. On the other hand, anything of this nature typically does not occur until some time following the initial introduction of the product.

Disadvantages Of Console Gaming

The next part of this discussion will focus on the drawbacks of using consoles rather than personal computers.

Console Games Are Expensive

It is starting to get a little bit excessive, especially considering that the price of the most recent and most popular console games is currently at £60, and it shows symptoms of growing up even more with every new generation or improvement in technology, both of which are contributing factors.

In the days of the PlayStation 2, 3, and Xbox 360, video games typically cost between $40 and $45 upon release, and that price was considered to be the absolute ceiling. Given the amount of money that is invested into these games, there is no way to dispute that an increase in price is absolutely essential; yet, there is a danger that this may discourage some potential customers from purchasing the product.

Pay To Play Online

It seems very unjust to be required to pay a monthly or annual charge in addition to the cost of the console itself in order to have the legal right to use the system to play video games; nonetheless, this is precisely what occurs with consoles.

Depending on the subscription plan that you choose, the annual cost of an Xbox Live membership might range anywhere from thirty pounds to one hundred dollars. Multiplayer games are booming and are at the center of any console’s community. Single-player games used to be excellent enough to justify owning a console but without paying the additional cost for online play. However, these days, single-player games are not good enough to justify having a console.

Limited Input Options

In comparison, PC gamers have access to a mouse and keyboard, gamepad, and virtual reality, whereas console players have fewer options.

Rather than being forced to stick to a single arrangement, it may be liberating to have the option to adapt your surroundings to the state of mind you’re in at any given moment.

Missing Out On The Modding Community

Users are able to modify visuals, add new textures, and add new gameplay components with the help of mods, which are a significant part of the PC gaming community.

This has the potential to breathe fresh life into games and experiences, with modifications for Among Us and Pixelmon for Minecraft serving as outstanding examples of this potential.

Research Whether An Old Game Is Backwards Compatible

When a new generation of consoles is released, users who have purchased a new system but still want to play an older game need to make sure that the game in question is compatible with the previous generation of consoles.

When it comes to personal computers, this isn’t really a problem. It’s possible that over time, specifications and requirements may shift, but at the end of the day, it’s still a personal computer, and even if it’s too old to operate, there are emulators and other applications that can support it.

Advantages Of PC Gaming

Now that we’ve gone through the primary distinctions between playing video games on a personal computer (PC) and a gaming console, it’s time to take a deeper look at the benefits of playing video games on a PC in order to have a better understanding of how PC gaming compares to console gaming.

Freedom To Play How You Want

As was noted before, it is a blessing to have the option of either utilizing a mouse and keyboard or a controller when playing a video game.

There are certain games in which the essential controls have been allotted to buttons that are simpler for players to operate.

Even if it is arguable that anything can be set up to change the controls, a lot of people are probably too lazy to do this and would rather just pick up a controller and start playing.

No Hogging The TV

It is aggravating to be unable to play a game on a console because another person is using or viewing the television.

Even though there are workarounds for this using monitor and other devices, gaming consoles and personal computers are designed to be used in conjunction with televisions.

Building Your Own PC

Building your own gaming computer may be an enjoyable hobby for some individuals, despite the fact that it may initially appear to be an intimidating task. However, there are sufficient recommendations available to assist you in achieving your goal, despite the fact that it may appear to others to be an excessive amount of pressure and an accident waiting to happen.

It is also a chance to add a personal touch to your brand-new gaming computer, which gives you the opportunity to show off to your friends and earn some bragging rights.

Better Graphics

The majority of the streams that you watch on Twitch will be using high-end gaming computers, as this is often preferable in terms of both visuals and performance. When contrasted with the previous generation of gaming consoles, this was a more compelling line of reasoning.

However, the graphical prowess of the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, which are the most recent versions, have been significantly improved in recent years.

Cheaper Games & Generally More Of Them

The fact that games for a gaming PC are typically less expensive than those for a gaming console is one of the primary advantages of owning a gaming PC rather than a console.

In spite of this, it’s really simple to go overboard when buying games using a Steam account. Additionally, there are typically more games available for play on personal computers.

Disadvantages Of PC Gaming

Now that we have discussed the benefits, it is time to examine the drawbacks of the situation. When comparing gaming on a personal computer to gaming on a console, the drawbacks are, of course, a significant consideration.

More Expensive

Gaming personal computers offer excellent value for the money spent, despite the high initial cost of acquisition.

It may cost as much as one thousand pounds to ensure that the central processing unit (CPU), motherboard, random access memory (RAM), system unit, and power supply are all of a high grade.

Even while gaming computers may be purchased for closer to $500, you should be cautious and know that you might not be getting the most value for your money with one of these computers. The most desirable aspects of owning a gaming personal computer are often those that pertain to its performance. For this, you need be prepared to part with a greater sum of money.


A desktop gaming PC, in contrast to a gaming laptop, will invariably be somewhat cumbersome in terms of portability. Even the more lightweight versions are still rather substantial in size.

This means that the majority of the time, players are required to come to terms with the fact that it shouldn’t be moved around too much. A personal computer system, in general, will require a lot of space; this includes the monitor(s), keyboard, and mouse.


The fact that gaming PCs are seen as more of a major investment than other types of computers makes the fact that improvements are coming around and rendering models obsolete a real concern that should be taken into consideration.

Because technological advances are continually being made, it is only reasonable that more recent games would, at some point, be supported by more recent models.

Final Thoughts On PC Gaming vs Console

When deciding whether to play on a console or a personal computer, it’s crucial to take into account not just your financial constraints but also the kind of experience you want to have overall. Do you prioritize convenience above all else in your gaming experience? Or cost? Online games with several players? Do you love doing upgrades to your computer yourself, or would you be interested in doing so? The verdict is in at Crucial®, and it’s crystal clear: PC gaming is king. Because of all the benefits that come with playing games on a personal computer rather than a console, the experience of gaming on a personal computer is superior. Play and enjoy yourself no matter what you decide to do; it is the most essential thing.


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