“P Grant”, will be appearing at North Carolina A&T State University for the “GHOE” 2022!


“P Grant and 78 West Entertainment” will be appearing at the North Carolina “GHOE”, and accompanying P Grant at this event will be artist/producer “Pic Chambuz” also the owner/ceo of “Silent Inc.” “P Grant” and “Pic Chambuz” have a few collaborative singles entitled:
– Continentals and Alpacas
– I’ll Do
– The Gospel
“P Grant” & “Pic Chambuz” collaborations have always given their audience what they needed, which is true hiphop. The “GHOE” is one of the biggest college events down south and some of the most influential people from around the world attends this event every year, and this year “P Grant, 78 West Entertainment, Pic Chambuz & Silent INC. will be in attendance. “P Grant and 78 West Entertainment” will be giving away “Exclusive Gift Bags”, for all of NC hot DJs however they must be at the “GHOE” in order to get their gift bags. P Grant’s will also have exclusive gift bags for his supporters as well. You Don’t want to miss the “GHOE”, this year especially with “78 West Entertainment & Silent INC” in the building it’s going to be an event to remember.

For publicity for P Grant contact:
The Misty TV Firm Corporation via email: themistytvfirm@yahoo.com
Misty Blanco Instagram IG: @mysterious_mistyblanco
The Misty TV Firm Corporation Instagram IG:
P Grant Instagram IG: @pgrant78west
P Grant Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prentice.grant.3


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