Omer Barnes – Constructing a Brighter Future

Omer Barnes

When it comes to the intersection of diversity, technology, and sustainability, Omer Barnes is looking to contribute to a future that can progress all aspects of society across multiple levels.

“Whether it is cybersecurity, healthcare, or artificial intelligence, I am here for it all,” Omer Barnes says, describing his feelings on the current landscape of technology and how it can help different demographics, especially those that are in need of a brighter future.

For example, healthcare is a major industry that is currently being driven by technological change. Thanks to more tools like apps on one’s phone, the barriers to care are lower than ever.

“I think it is a great area that I would like to get into. The ability for communities with lower income levels to receive proper healthcare is something that is very important to me”, Barnes says.

By investing in companies that can execute value-based care practices, practices that pay doctors for the amount of value they give to a patient and the community as well as impact major social determinants of health, Omer Barnes is committed to increasing the ability for healthcare equality across rural as well as underrepresented communities.

“Coming from an underrepresented community myself, I am passionate about any service that will uplift these people. I will do anything it takes to help and improve the organization so the goal or the mission is achieved.” Barnes says.

And it isn’t just healthcare that Omer Barnes is passionate about. He has also turned his attention toward issues that will have a major impact in the future, namely the environment.

More specifically, Barnes is looking for ways that newer technology can have an impact on the environment as well as get more individuals of color to get into the industry.

“I think what Tesla has done is fantastic, but I also feel that we have a lot more work to do,” Barnes says. “With the addition of more diverse viewpoints and giving more access to people from underrepresented communities, we can go a lot further, a lot faster.”

With diversity as his anchor point for Omer Barnes, it is no surprise that healthcare and the environment are two of the major areas where technological change can have the biggest impacts on marginalized communities. Finding the intersection where one can affect the greatest number of people is something that several have dreamed of but might find it hard to execute. Thanks to his countless hours spent as an executive across a wide spectrum of organizations, Omer Barnes has the skills and know-how to truly get things done.

“I’ve always been one to be more of a doer rather than someone who wants to sit back and try to hope things come to me,” Barnes says.

And that is exactly what the world needs right now. Individuals that are willing to put themselves out there for causes that are bigger than themselves. With Omer Barnes on that side, the future won’t look so bleak after all.


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