Development Status Of New Metro City Gujar Khan

New Metro City Gujar Khan

New Metro City Gujar Khan is the latest addition to the real estate sector of Gujar Khan City. This housing venture would be one of the most exciting housing projects that seek to introduce an innovative way of living.

The main aim of this housing project is to transform the entire city. With the lavish facilities that it offers, the entire housing project would give tough competition to all other real estate ventures in this city.

Furthermore, the investment in this housing project would be beneficial, as it guarantees a huge rate of return on investment.  

Owners and Developers

BSM Developers, a prominent name in the construction industry has joined hands with Bahria town for the development of this project. Although the grandson of the owners of Bahria Town named Bilal Malik is the one, who is actually working on this housing project. 

The collaboration between Bahria town and BSM developers is going to be revolutionary in nature. 

Location and Map

It is really mandatory for the real estate investor to look for a suitable location for the project. They must look into the fact, of whether the entire housing project is easily accessible or wide enough to accommodate a huge number of residents.

This housing project is located in the middle of the main GT road of Gujar Khan. This housing society would be only a few hours away from Rawalpindi, and very near to the M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway.

Gujar Khan-Bewal Road would provide easy access to this housing project. Mega City Gujar Khan is also neighboring.

NOC Status

It is very important for the real estate investor to look for an authentic No Objection Certificate before going ahead with their investment. A valid NOC guarantees that there is no corruption or scam involved in this housing project.

Furthermore, the investor then becomes relieved about their money being poured into NOC approved project. As per the reports, the developers of this housing project are going to get NOC very soon. The developers have had a successful round of talks regarding the legality of this housing project.

Development Status

The developers of this housing project have initiated the development process of this housing project at a faster pace. As of now, the developers have received a huge number of bookings for the residential and commercial plots.

Recently, an affordable payment plan has been released by the owners, which shows that the investors would not have any difficulty purchasing the plots. The plots would be available in yearly installments and down payment, which makes the purchasing process very smooth.

Apart from that, cleanliness is another main priority of the owners of this housing project. They aim to deliver an eco-friendly housing project to their investors. Furthermore, they also aim to introduce socializing facilities by developing a different number of community centers.

Such a center would be helpful in enabling the residents to free themselves of stress. There would be numerous gymnasiums, and sports grounds to cater to the sporting needs of the residents. The entire housing project is all set to transform the landscape of the entire housing project.


The lavish facilities planned by the developers are enough to prove that New Metro City Gujar Khan would be in huge demand in the coming days. The partnership of BSM developers and Bahria Town would bear fruits, as the real estate investors would get all kinds of lavish facilities at reasonable rates.

The entire project also guarantees a huge rate of return and affordability with the latest payment plan. The ones who want to make a fortune out of this housing project must contact the agents of Property Saga.

The marketing and real estate representatives at the company would have a one-on-one session with investors to discuss investment prospects.


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