National Floors Direct Leads the Way in Flooring Trends

National Floors

One of the secrets of National Floors Direct is its long-term success, and the company has always kept tabs on current trends and developments to anticipate consumer needs and find the best ways to meet them. Not surprisingly, the company is out in front yet again, leading the way in flooring trends to ensure home and business owners have the flooring options that best meet their needs and budget.

Combined flooring is fast becoming a popular option as homeowners realize that no one flooring color or even type will work well for every single room of the home. Delineating rooms using flooring tiles gives the home a vibrant ambiance while making it easy and convenient to clean and maintain the flooring. National Floors Direct makes it easy for homeowners to leverage this trend to its full potential by not only offering multiple flooring materials in varying shades but also sending out expert representatives who can help clients assess the main use and style of the decor of each room to pick the flooring combinations that would work best long-term. This personal level of attention and service is one of the many reasons that National Floors Direct reviews consistently give the company high ratings.   

Hardwood flooring is trending this year and the next, as it’s hard to match genuine wood’s beauty, style, and durability. Two-toned flooring is gaining in popularity as it adds class and texture to bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and entryways.  Subdued light or dark tones are also trending as homeowners turn to a rustic decor style to give a home a relaxed feel. To help buyers who are searching for two-toned flooring, National Floors Direct offers hardwood in multiple shades. Its Long Beach flooring is a dark brown bordering on black, while the Canyon Lake, Irvine, and Riverside are a very light shade of brown. There are also shades of brown between these two contrasts, such as Sumpter and Gatesville. Those who want to give a room a rustic feel and ambiance will find that Crosby and Fontana wood flooring from the company are great options for rooms that need dark-colored flooring. At the same time, Riverside is perfect for rooms that need light-colored flooring to project a bright, well-lit ambiance.

The trend toward subdued shades and matte finishes affect not just hardwood flooring trends but also luxury vinyl and ceramic tile trends. Subdued tiles with a matte finish are becoming increasingly popular for bathroom renovations. National Floors Direct has long offered great options along these lines, including its Calistoga and Penn Grove ceramic tiles lines. Sherman luxury vinyl tiles are also a great option. 

National Floors Direct has been in business for more than seventy-five years. It has long provided consumers with perfect flooring for any commercial or residential project. Those who want to see what the flooring of the future will look like need look no further than the company website; at the same time, it’s also easy to have a company representative come out with free samples that can be compared with room furnishings and lighting to make it easy for anyone to pick the flooring that is not only trendy but also appropriate for the room in question.


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