Monday Pricing vs Confluence Pricing 2022 Guide


The Monday software has been around since 2012 and has up to 154k users at the moment. The Monday software believes in prioritizing projects to accommodate customers, create transparency, and increase diversity in the community. With these principles, it ensures that productive management features are provided to users. Meanwhile, the Confluence pricing.  

Monday Pricing  

It does not matter if you are working alongside or will a large team, the Monday pricing accommodates everyone equally. There are five plans available: 


Just as the name suggests, the first pricing option listed on Monday accommodates individuals who want to improve project management. For instance, the option to create unlimited boards means that you can organize all of your work without running out of space. Likewise, you can create unlimited documents and utilize them to collaborate with your team, clients, or resources.  

There are up to 200 templates that can be used to get started with projects and save time. However, this plan can only support up to 2 users.  

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For startups and growing teams, the basic plan is an optimal choice. It only costs around $8 and you can invite unlimited free viewers for teamwork. In order to provide file storage space, the users are given up to 5GB of space. You can, therefore, keep all important details on standby. And finally, you can shape your dashboard based on the information present on one board.  


The cost of the standard plan is $10 and it sustains the requirements of collaborative and dynamic teams. The Timeline and Gantt views give you visual information to cope with upcoming deadlines and, in fact, make a thorough plan for the project.  

You can provide guest access to users who are not part of the Monday software so they can also view the files you are working on as a team. Meanwhile, you can automate up to 250 tasks per month and also access up to 250 integrations each month too. Your dashboard in the standard Monday software pricing option is able to consolidate and present information based on five boards that you are actively working on.  


This is a professional-grade pricing plan and costs $16. It is, in addition, able to match the complexity of workflows. For instance, you can maintain private boards and documents so that you can develop them for as long as you need to. They can be shared when all the information is ready.  

The chart view feature can be used to generate not only charts but graphs as well. Therefore, you can stay on top of the progress of each project. Similarly, you can control the time spent on a project and ensure that deadlines are followed thoroughly.  

Gone are the days when you had to manually enter the details to generate data calculations. The formulas feature will integrate important data points to measure progress. The automation processes and integrations also increased by 25,000 in number, each.  


Are you seeking options to apply project management features on an enterprise level? The Monday pricing is also available for features such as enterprise-grade security, higher levels of admin control, and overall governance. This pricing, however, is generated based on the number of users and a few other details. In order to generate a bespoke quote, all you need to do is get in touch with the sales team through the website.  

Confluence Pricing  

The Confluence software is equally accommodating when it comes to pricing. Whether your goal is to get started with the software or to support a large team, you will find a suitable Confluence software pricing option. You can refer to the following pricing lists: 


The first plan is entirely free of cost. It is, however, still able to accommodate up to 10 users. There are various features that can resolve the project management requirements of collaborative teams. The opportunity to create unlimited spaces and pages ensures that you can bring all your data to the software and streamline it.  

The macros feature allows everyone to stay updated in real-time as you can attach live updates of issues and reports. The page versioning features to ensure that you do not lose any changes made to a page. The structured page tree also saves information in a hierarchical manner so you can refer to relevant information at any time.  

Additionally, users can integrate several apps to enhance task collaboration as well as project management.  


The second option charges $55 per month. To begin with, it can be used to facilitate up to 20,000 team members. It covers all of the features that are provided by the free pricing plan in addition to including many of its own benefits. For example, you can archive and unarchive pages to show information when it is relevant and keep it hidden at other times to reduce data noise.  

Page insights are derived based on comments, views, and other types of engagements to check the impact of the campaigns you are working on.  

There are also more features that cover security and compliance like anonymous access, audit logs, and data residency. 


The cost of the premium on a monthly basis is $105. It has all the features that are part of the two plans discussed previously. The advanced features include analytics that is generated based on the page, site, or space. You can inspect permissions to maintain control and check the permission each user has.  

Meanwhile, you do not have to select a page every time you want to archive it. The option to bulk archive ensures that you can hide away multiple pages at once.  


The final option is for large-scale businesses to practice more control. It has unlimited data storage available in addition to a few features that are specifically available on this plan only. For example, for data and insights, you will get Atlassian analytics, data connectors, and Atlassian data lake for a detailed analysis of the projects. 


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