How does Marketing Automation Improve Your Team’s Workflow?

Marketing Automation

In today’s technology-driven world, it is worth saying that Marketing Automation changes how we work. But is that going to hurt us? Even though automation has been accepted since a while ago, most businesses across diverse industry sectors embrace it solely because it reduces human efforts or the so-called “manual intervention” that is prone to errors.

What does that mean? Will humans be eventually replaced by technology? Let’s wait for the consequences. But on the other hand, let’s also take a look at how marketing automation can be the next big leap in your business’s success.

When you have a big mailing list, It is essential to clean your email list with bulk email verifiers for better email list hygiene. Marketers out there have a lot to say when asked about Marketing automation and its benefits for their team. It included:

  • Saving time
  • Boosting lead generation
  • Improving customer retention
  • Minimizing the sales cycle and so on!

Let’s drill down five different ways Marketing Automation Improves your Team’s performance.

1. Automatic Inhouse Notifications

Automated notifications are crucial when you get alerts about a lead being generated or when a specific action is taken by an existing lead or so. These alerts keep you alive with the lead statuses and their activities so that you can improvise your sales communication into a more personalized one.

You may get notified when :

  • A website form is submitted
  • When a user submits any call-to-action(CTA on your website
  • Email CTA is clicked
  • Visit any page of your website and so on.

You can choose to change how you would like to get the alerts to make it easy for you to take the lead further.

2. Track the Lead Interactions

The major responsibility of a lead management platform is not just to store the lead. But also to track and monitor the communications that happen with the lead by interacting with an appropriate CRM.

Many of them would also have email integrations to track and manage the interactions in the same platform as the email automation workflows. The system also triggers a set of emails based on the actions taken by the lead based on the CTA handles. With this, you get interesting insights on the email marketing campaigns like :

  • Email open rates
  • Number of times opened
  • Click rates and so on.

If any voice communication is preferred, the system also allows you to log the call for future reference.

3. Pre-Written Email Templates

One of the most challenging activities for the sales team would be framing the emails every time the lead is interacting. With the right marketing automation platforms in place, you no longer have to worry about emails.

You have the predefined template, which needs to be altered based on your need and sent it. This way, you get a high chance of saving time and effort in doing email interactions.

4. Effective Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is equally important as lead generation. Not all the leads generated get converted; very few of them get through. The majority of the leads that are left need to be nurtured with personalized campaigns to be taken a step closer to sales closure someday.

With the CRM Automation tools, you can nurture the leads with personalized and segmented email campaigns, social media retargeting campaigns, or any other preferred source and medium.

5. Create a smoother customer experience

Workflow automation is all about meeting your customers’ requirements right. Many businesses that rely on manual efforts cannot cope with the swift needs of the customers – like service requests that encounter during offline hours, holidays, etc. This communication gap distorts the complete process.

Workflow automation helps you leverage the systems so that your customers do need not to wait for hours to respond to their support tickets or inquiries. Setting up an automated bot on your website that can answer the already-fed FAQs can be of great help. This encourages your customer service 24/7.

So, How do you go about it?

Embracing marketing automation can make your day much easier. Most of your manual efforts can be automated, making your resources focus on the core activities. Lead generation and lead tracking can be taken care of efficiently, and you can harness the power of lead nurturing and the benefits it can offer to your business with an automated workflow.

On the whole,

  • Save time and money
  • Reduce manual intervention
  • Grow your business effortlessly


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