List of Most Beautiful Mosques in Australia

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There are 3.2% of Muslims living in Australia. Islam in Australia is the second growing religion. Australia is a hub of beautiful tourist attractions and some mesmerizing Mosques.

These Mosques are places where Muslims worship and follow all their religious activities. These beautiful Mosques add value to the life of a Muslim. These Mosques are popular, well maintained and magnificently designed.

A mosque plays an important role in the life of a Muslim. Often Mosque acts as Islamic centers where religious and spiritual training is given. Apart from these, Mosques also act as a welfare organization where Muslim refugees are helped or financed.

Some of the beautiful Mosques have been listed below to assist Muslims with Australia prayer time.

1.   Lakemba Mosque

Lakemba Mosque is known as Masjid Ali Bin Talib which was founded in 1977. The Mosque is under the leadership of the Lebanese Muslim Association. It is believed to be the largest and oldest Mosque in Australia. Apart from congregational prayers, the Mosque also offers Jumah (Friday) prayers, Islamic teachings, sermons, and activities. The Mosque has a space of around thousands of devotees with maximum 30,000 are accommodated for Eid occasion. The main objective of Lakemba Mosque is to unite Australian Muslims and to build a better understanding of Islam.

2.   Auburn Gallipoli Mosque

With two minarets and a dome, Auburn Gallipoli Mosque is inspired by Ottoman architecture. More than 500 believers join every day for salah and more than 2000 worshippers join for Friday prayers. The Mosque was established in 1999 with a separate hall for children and women, Islamic calligraphy, and decorated tiles. 

3.   Central Adelaide Mosque

Central Adelaide Mosque has the tallest four white embrace minarets and is one of the oldest Mosques in Australia. The Mosque was founded in 1888 and is also known as Afghan Chapel. The Mosque was a safe place for Muslim cameleers. Central Adelaide Mosque offers services in Salah, and Funeral along with religious events and programs like Ramadan and Children’s school.

Australia prayer timings are available on the mosque’s website so that Muslims can offer prayer timely. The Mosque assists Muslims in following a spiritual path by educating Muslims on different Islamic values.

4.   Sunshine Mosque

Sunshine is Ottoman and Turkish-style designed constructed Mosque built in 1992. The Mosque has 17 white dome single minarets and a courtyard. The official name of the Mosque is Cyprus Turkish Community of Victoria which was built by a Cypriot group of people and is also owned by the Cyprus Turkish Islamic Community.

Timings in namaz are equally important as salah for Muslims. Australia Prayer timings have salah and other prayer timings briefly available on the page so Muslims can follow the right schedule for prayer.

5.   Penshurst Mosque

Penshurst Mosque was built in 1989. The mosque has 200 capacities with 1 dome and 1 minaret. Penshurst Mosque comes under Australian Islamic Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina Inc. ownership. The Mosque has been facilitating Muslims from Bosnia. Penshurst Mosque is simple in its architecture. The Mosque played an active role in fundraising on humanitarian grounds. To promote traditional understanding among the community, an Open Mosque Day is held where members are invited to encounter cultural surroundings.

6.   Baitul Huda Mosque

Baitul Huda Mosque is situated in Sydney’s Marsden Park. The giant Mosque was built in 1989. It is known as the House of Guidance. The Mosque is not limited to worship, but also educating Muslims. The theme of the Mosque for the 25th year was, “Mosque for Peace”, which was attended by 500 people.

Some of the other Mosques in Australia are:

  1. Islamic Society of Mildura in Mildura, Victoria
  2. Islamic Society of South Australia in Adelaide, South Australia
  3. Islamic Society of Victoria in Melbourne, Victoria
  4. Islamic Council of Queensland in Brisbane, Queensland
  5. Muslim Association of Canberra in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
  6. Muslim Community Radio in Melbourne, Victoria


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