Learn how to match socks to pants or shoes


Every day, the number of men concerned about dressing well is growing. They are guys of different ages and working in different areas, but they have one thing in common: vanity. 

As we know, taking care of one’s appearance is one of the most important aspects to convey an impeccable image and win opportunities. And one way to achieve good results is to learn how to combine socks with the rest of the outfit.

It may seem like trivial care. But in one way or another, such detail directly impacts the result of your look. For a long time it was believed that the ideal was to choose the sock according to the shoe. However, the fashion world tends to change a lot and, today, the most fashionable people also associate the accessory with the model of pants.

Regardless of your style, it is important to know each of these techniques well so as not to make a mistake on any occasion, whether formal or casual. To help you unravel this mystery, in today’s post all the most relevant information on the subject. Read on to learn more and keep your look up to date!

Take the easy way out

Still not used to matching your stocking to your shoes or pants? No problem! In this case, the recommendation is that you start gradually, investing in monochromatic productions. Basically, such looks are based on a single color from head to toe.

This means that all the pieces that make up your outfit should appear in the same shade, varying only in intensity. For example: if the idea is to put together an all brown look, it is also possible to invest in caramel or beige pieces, which are considered variant shades.

That is exactly where the secret lies. To break the monotony of the monochromatic composition, try to use a sock that has the same color as the rest of the production, but in a shade that can stand out.

If the whole look is based on dark tones, invest in a lighter accessory, and vice-versa. It’s a simple and effective way to keep your look balanced and stylish for any occasion!

Combine the sock with the pants to look taller

Many men out there dream of looking taller. If you’re one of them, there’s no need to despair. Fortunately, we can rely on several fashion tricks to convey the most varied effects through clothing – and the combination of pants and stockings is one of them.

By choosing garments in the same shade or print as the accessory, it will be possible to give the impression that your legs are elongated and your silhouette is slender, thus creating a tall, slender look.

There is more! This is an alternative for those who have a formal appointment and need to keep a tidier look, such as when we are invited to weddings, graduations, or business meetings.

To get the mission right, the way is simple. All you have to do is choose the sock in the same shade as the pants. Is your suit navy blue? Then bet on an accessory of the same tone. The same goes for other colors – from black to wine.

As for the shoes, the ideal is that they should be in a color that is not too far away from the jacket. In other words, avoid wearing colorful shoes or casual sneakers, preferring neutral and sober versions, and the leather options are the main ones.

Pay attention to shoes if you don’t know how to match socks

When we start getting ready to leave the house, we have the habit of choosing pants and shoes that talk well with each other. So, nothing could be more fair than selecting a sock that can match this look.

So when it comes to dressing up, there is no problem wearing a black sapato masculino with a sock in the same shade, for example. If you wear brown shoes, you can also invest in earthy accessories, and so on.

Contrary to what people say, this is not a serious mistake, but a simple way to ensure the balance of the look. The only caveat is that, by following this method, it is possible that your shoe will lose some of its prominence – but nothing that will harm your combination or cause you to go overboard.

Don’t match your stocking to your pants or shoes

This tip is especially for those who are modern and don’t know how to match socks to the rest of the outfit. If you are a guy who likes to escape the obvious and prefers to create unusual combinations, consider not choosing an accessory that has the same color as the pants or shoes.

That’s right! Instead of lining up the whole outfit, choose a stocking that is composed of a different fabric, color, or print. However, for the result not to be too unaligned, the recommendation is to use at least two elements of the same shade.

Imagine that you wear a red tie. In this case, a good solution is to invest in a sock with reddish geometric shapes. This strategy can be applied to any other detail of the look, as long as there is balance and, of course, good sense.Tip: this is, without a doubt, a good choice for guys who like to wear colorful and patterned socks. An absolute trend in men’s street style, this novelty has begun to be adopted heavily in the Northern Hemisphere.

The most interesting thing is that men of all ages can embrace the idea, especially to make their combinations even more informal, young, and fun.

After these tips, is it easy to know how to combine socks with the rest of your look? Try different productions and soon you will master this art!

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