Is Pain Killer Addiction a Serious Issue?

Pain killer addiction

Pain killer addiction is much more common in our society than most people imagine. Individuals start out by taking such medication to be able to find relief from pain. Yet as time goes along, they realize that they are only able to dull the pain or be pain-free if they continue to take them. Of course, your doctor is not going to allow that to occur, so people find other ways of getting around that. This includes buying these drugs illegally or seeing several doctors at once to satisfy their painkiller addiction.

Painkillers usually belong to a category of drugs known as opiates. They help to block the pain receptors from the body so that the brain does not read them. This is why a person is able to feel better when they take such painkillers. At the same time, the body is producing chemicals in the brain that make them feel good emotionally as well. It is understandable why painkiller addiction is so common when you evaluate those two factors. People want to feel their very best, both physically and mentally.

This type of addiction can go on for a very long time. Many people become experts at hiding it, even from the people they live with. It can be a very embarrassing situation and one that takes them to extremes. Many people with a painkiller addiction justify what they are doing. They feel that is what they have to do in order to continue working or to be able to care for their children. They are doing what they feel is their only course of action to get through each day.

This type of addiction is extremely dangerous for anyone. As time goes by, there is a higher dose of the painkillers needed due to the body building up a resistance to them. Many people that self-medicate in such a manner will start to mix various painkillers and even alcohol along with it so that they can get the pain relief they seek and continue to get through their daily responsibilities.

It can be extremely difficult to overcome a painkiller addiction. Admitting that there is a problem is the first step. However, many people get caught doing illegal activities to obtain these painkillers. Then they deal with legal issues and with detox at the same time. It can be easier to get help for such a problem with an in-house treatment program versus outpatient care. In that way, you can get the care needed for the mental aspects of such an addiction.

The underlying factor is that there is pain that needs to be taken care of. It is not reasonable to expect someone to recover from a painkiller addiction if they are still experiencing the same level of pain that they did without them. Finding adequate medical care and options that can help alleviate it is very important. For some people, surgery may be an option that they didn’t have when they first began their painkiller addiction. For others, something like alternative medicine could be the answer.


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