Intel SSDSC2KG480G8R SSD 480GB 2.5-inch Review


Solid-state drives are the latest devices used to store your vital data. It uses non-volatile memory to access and save data. As these devices have no moving parts, they are less prone to damage and have benefits including noiseless operation, lower power consumption, higher reliability, and faster access time. Due to lesser costs, SSDs have become an ideal choice for the users who used to store their files on hard drives and in USBs.

But when it comes to buying an SSD for your use, we recommend you to go for the Intel SSDSC2KG480G8R 480GB as it comes with all the features one needs. In addition, the device is economical and is built with robust material. So, let’s start the review.

  1. Specifications
  • Model: SSDSC2KG480G8R
  • Capacity: 480GB
  • Lithography Type: Enterprise/Server


  • Power Idle: 1W
  • Power Active: 3.1W
  • Latency Write: 37 µs
  • Latency Read: 36 µs
  • Sequential Write: 510 MB/s
  • Sequential Read: 560 MB/s
  • Random Write: 44500 IOPS
  • Random Read: 96000 IOPS


  • UBER (Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate): 1 sector / 1017 bits read
  • Non-Operating Vibration: 3.13 GRMS
  •  Vibration Operating: 2.17 GRMS
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C – 70°C
  • Shock: 1000 G/0.5ms
  • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures): 2 million hours
  • Interface: SATA 3.0 6Gb/S
  • Form Factor: 2.5-inches and 7mm

Advanced Technologies

  • Temperature Logging and Monitoring: Yes
  • Hardware Encryption: 256-bit
  • Power Loss Protection: Yes
  • End-to-End Protection of DATA: Yes


Just the Intel SSDSC2BB800G7R, this 480GB SSD also comes with several features, which are mentioned below.

  1. Storage Inspired

Replace your typical hard disk drive with Intel’s SSD to get the best performance. The highly efficient series of best solid state drives are used to accelerate workloads and decrease operating costs with its efficiency. You can shift to more effective storage while protecting your legacy design.

Also, the 64-layer 3D NAND TLC enhances the overall flexibility and system reliability. The SSD also meets demanding level service requirements while enhancing the server effectiveness. Its latest SATA firmware and 3D NAND make it highly compatible with the existing setups for a simple storage upgrade.

  1. Enhanced System Flexibility and Reliability 

Its reliability reduces the requirement for the drive replacement that is needed with hard disk drives. Compared to hard disk drives, it has a lower AFR (Annualized Failure Rate). Thus, IT departments don’t have to spend more time and expense upgrading or replacing storage devices. After the device is installed, the latest SATA firmware finishes updates without reset, which also reduces downtime.

  1. Reduced Operating Cost 

As the Intel SSDSC2KG480G8R 480GB is designed for compatibility, it minimizes operating costs linked to modernizing the data center. Built with a standard 2.5”, it consumes six times lower power than 2.5” HDDs. Also, it enables 3.2 times more information to be stored.

  1. Minimize Service Interruptions

For several years, Intel has been the leading company in delivering trusted data center solid-state drives that boost data continuity in cloud data centers and enterprises. The same reputation goes with this SSD, as it has all the key capabilities that help make sure more uptime.

  • Simplified configurations decrease the risk of as well as streamlined maintenance
  • Constantly delivers sturdy performance to enhance service continuity
  • The latest firmware finalizes updates without resetting the server, decreasing downtime
  • Up to 4.2x lower annualized failure rates (AFR) means fewer drive replacements3
  • Data protection assists in keeping the data safe when there is a power loss
  • 4.2 times lower AFR (Annualized Failure Rates)
  1. Power Efficient 

Organizations can enhance server agility up to 300 times by integrating these SSDs. Also, it supports users with better services to grow the business. With a flexible capacity, it covers more workloads and has flexible endurance and power-effective performance.


  • I opted to use this Enterprise-Class SSD to boost the performance of my latest PC. The Solid-State Drive is reliable and has additional features to protect data from failure and power loss.
  • I bought two Intel SSDs to use with my custom Operating server System. And it became one of the longest-owned storage drives for me due to its reliability and longevity. Moreover, the device built my trust in Intel’s products. Also, I own four Intel Core 2 Q9650 Quad processors that I use in DDR2-based systems. Instead of buying a new one, I modified them by spending a few bucks am still enjoying the performance and reliability
  • I would say the device is a bit pricey, but overall, it’s worth spending some extra $. In the future, I will definitely buy storage devices designed by Intel.

Final Words

In the tech market, Intel has made its repute by offering the best storage devices, such as SSDs. Although the competition has grown, users still prefer buying Intel devices even if they spend some extra cash instead of buying some cheap SSD. Above, we have mentioned some of the details about Intel’s 470GB SSD. If you are looking to buy a reliable device, you can give it a try. We hope that you enjoyed reading this review. If you have any concerns, you can comment below.


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