How to Create Custom Instagram Highlight Covers

instagram highlight covers

In 2016, Instagram has introduced the IG stories features. Since that min, IG stories have become the potent mean for a business to link with their the social handle

Just like the IG stories he highlights are also famous on this Instagram. you can say it is the source’s extensions. in fact, it is the IG story content you select to place permanently on the account. Unlike IG Story, IG Highlights mean on the profile and never disappears after 24 h. So your visitors can view it as long as you wish them to view it.

So businesses and influencers know the strength of this handle, hence using these highlights to display and promote their brands.

Here consider your highlights folders as the IG STORY content with the same aesthetics on the account.

For example, the fashion bloggers or businesses can have various Instagram highlights covered, such as Outfit of the day or OOTD, brands collabs, and clothes.

Similarly, labels can also make separate IG Highlights for special discounts, offers, premium edition items, and new products.

The highlights make the account appear more professional, but they also draw more interaction on it. Instagram features the IG highlights on the top of the account. So your visitor can notice both highlights and stories also.

With some imagination, you can know how to create custom IG Highlight covers to boost up the branding game.

What are the custom highlights of Covers on Instagram?

By default, first that you have the element like cover images of the IG highlights,

Yet you can customize the cover images as per your needs also. With the customer IG story highlights, user can align their covers with the feed.

Once you get the hands-on experience with making the bespoke IG highlights overs, anyone can make covers that go with their aesthetics and businesses.

In the same manner, anyone can create alluring covers to make the account more aesthetically appealing.

In this section, we’ll examine:

  • the main design features that make the top Instagram cover.
  • How anyone can speak custom Instagram covers from the beginning.

Tips to Create Custom Highlight Covers

Custom Highlights cover is a wonderful method to add personality to the account.

It means that when a visitor lands on the account, he will be capable of noticing your IG Highlights tabs directly.

It offers you a chance to grow your brand trust and awareness. Here anyone can display their best items in Highlight and feature reviews from happy buyers in Highlight.

So, with the correct colors, aesthetics, tags, and post, anyone can crush their IG game by utilizing custom Highlights covers.

Are you new to the Highlights? Creating a custom cover might appear tricky?

Keep The Brand Shades and theme in mind.

IG Highlight is a wonderful way to share your label’s statement pro and alluringly. Hence it is always the perfect vision to match the marketing and feed theme with the Instagram covers.

To drive brand awareness, you can include your business’s logo, colors, pattern, and fonts on the Instagram covers.

Use Appropriate Visuals

Keeping the same look on the feed is highly valuable. On the other hand, it is crucial to deliver the right motto via the IG Highlight.

The Instagram covers should have a visible signpost for a post they describe.

The text or icon that you simply on your IG Highlight covers must be appropriate to the Instagram Story content contact.

Maintain Character in All the IG Highlight Covers

We have discussed consistency in marketing. But it is much more than it. You can plan all your IG covers with the aesthetics or IG Story design in mind.

Make Instagram Highlight Covers

Now you know what makes your highest covers appear pleasing got the visitors. What have you thought about the personalization here?

Many apps are there to guide you to make the bespoke IG covers for you like canvas.


So have you made the perfect cover for the Instagram highlights? If not, then do it right away because we know these tips will aid you in making suitable covers. the perfect profile with the right highlights covers bring more buy Instagram-like the UK to you.


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