How You Sabotage Your Job Interviews

Job Interviews

Getting a job is something every person dreams of but surprisingly doesn’t prepare adequately for. Don’t get us wrong, they do prepare, but their interview preparation lacks the edge that brings success. Afterward, people would blame bad luck and curses from supernatural beings but never themselves. After all, it would be unimaginable for most people to believe that they sabotaged their job interviews. 

You have an outstanding CV, but if you want to think you need some professional assistance, you can check CV editing services. As good as writing CVs it resumes as you may be, the distinctive touch of a pro makes a lot of difference. So, when you do that and have the perfect CV, you have to prepare for your interview equally. You have to research and study everything about your employer. 

However, that’s not all. There are some other things that you should take note of if you want to get hired. You are familiar with these things, and you are so familiar that you end up taking them for granted. You sabotage your interviews by not doing these things and keep missing out on great opportunities. Prepare for a turnaround. By the end of this post, you will land your dream job. 

How You Sabotage Your Job Interviews

It is difficult to learn that you may be the architect of your misfortune. This doesn’t mean it is hopeless; when you see what you may have unintentionally been doing wrong, you will improve. So, let’s go over some of these things you have done. You will be surprised at numbers 1 and 2. 

You Dress Wrong. 

The problem with dressing these days is that you don’t know what fits the company you are applying to. You wonder if they are part of the companies that consider suits as overdressing or other forms of dressing as too casual. To save yourself the stress, you can call the hirer to find out what the company would prefer. 

If you don’t want to call the hirer, you can visit the company and watch how the receptionist and other staff dress. That way, you can be sure of impressing the recruiter at first sight. No matter the clothing preference of your employer, neatness is key. You must ensure that you iron your clothes, your hair nicely groomed, and use deodorant rather than loud perfumes. 

Arriving at The Interview Earlier than Usual 

One of the reasons you leave your house early for your interview is to prevent a situation where you’d be late. Perhaps you use public transport, or you aren’t sure if you can find the location on time. Despite this, getting to the interview venue too early shows you are desperate and too eager for a job. 

Don’t go inside if you get to the place earlier than usual. If you have a car, you may stay in your car, or you can visit a nearby coffee shop or cafe. You could calm your nerves with breathing exercises and review your interview preparations. 

Arriving Late. 

We understand that you don’t willingly do this, but you can avoid it. The first thing is to arrive earlier than scheduled and stay somewhere around the venue till it’s time for the interview. If you leave your home earlier, you could have more time to spare if something happens, such as getting lost. You can avoid getting lost by scouting the recruiter’s office before D-day. 

There are some situations beyond your control that will require you to be late. When these situations arise, contact the interviewer beforehand. Inform them what happened and that you might run a little late. This is courteous and could make the recruiter sympathetic to you. 

Awkward Body Language

It’s normal for you to be nervous about your interview, but you needn’t worry. Calm yourself as your nervousness will impact your body language right from the handshake. When you are nervous, your palm could be sweaty and your handshake limp. A limp handshake doesn’t project strength. It makes you look weak before the recruiter. 

To give the perfect handshake, let it be firm, maintain eye contact, and smile. Don’t go giving a toothy grin, though. Also, don’t make the handshake too firm so you wouldn’t come off as aggressive. 

During the interview itself, you have to continue to project confidence. Sit up, don’t slouch, and maintain eye contact but don’t let it turn into a stare. So, break eye contact at certain intervals by blinking. Don’t look around the room or fiddle with your watch or phone. Also, don’t fidget or cross your arms. Crossing your arms isn’t the show of strength you may think it is. 

Stay on Issue 

Be civil about your previous employer when the hirer asks why you left them. Please don’t use that opportunity to insult your old boss or mention their flaws. Speak well of your previous employers and tell your recruiter that their company affords you the opportunity to grow.


Getting your dream job lies in identifying what you might be doing wrong in your interviews. Now that you know those things, we say your chances have dramatically improved. 


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