Artworks have sentimental values attached to them. Just like you would want to save your children or the family dog during a violent flood, you would also like to save the beautiful artwork. Furthermore, these artworks have monetary values attached to them. Therefore, it becomes more so necessary to save them during a flood. Natural disasters are not always predictable. At times, valuable artworks are destroyed by air or water. You cannot predict accidents that may occur. But, there are ways you can restore the artwork to its previous state. Continue reading to learn practical tips to protect your artwork

The Placement: Where to place your art is of great value. You would rather not place valuable artwork near the open fire. When one hangs the artwork in a drawing room with a chimney, the dust particles get stuck on the surface of the painting. These dust particles change the colors of the original painting and, in doing so, ruin the value of the painting. 

  • Great artwork can cost millions of dollars. Therefore, one must pay extra attention to preserving them. As they say, “prevention is better than cure.” Art should not be exposed to the elements. Therefore, avoid placing the art near windows that let in a lot of sunlight. 
  • If you must keep it in a room with a chimney, be sure to keep the artwork protected with a glass box. When you keep the art in a clear glass box, everyone can see the art through the glass, but the actual painting is untouched by heat or dust particles. 

Get Insured: Would you leave a bucket filled with millions of dollars unprotected? Of course not! So, how can you not insure your paintings? Just like you need insurance for your house, cars, and other possessions, you need to get your artwork protected as well. You get compensated for your loss when your art is destroyed or stolen. 

Get Art Restored: Even if you are careful with your art, there will come a time when you will notice a lot of dust on the surface of the painting. You must call for an expert to clean the art. Different types of art require different cleaning methods. For example, a painting and a photograph will require distinct attention while cleaning. At times the art gets damaged and requires immediate attention. One may visit for art recovery. 

  • The experts know how to take care of the art and the value of the same. 
  • They do not repaint the artist’s work. Restoring art is vastly different from putting one’s own point of view. So, the person restoring the art would generally not repaint the actual work to make it look new. 

Pottery And Ceramics: You may have expensive pottery in your home that got broken in an accident. You might be tempted to fix the pottery with gorilla glue. But, do yourself a favor and call in an expert. Your attempt to fix the pottery will only worsen it. The experts will find a hard time removing the pieces if they are not glued properly. Therefore, it is better to leave it all to the experts.


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