How to promote a YouTube channel from scratch

How to promote a YouTube channel from scratch

YouTube is the most popular video hosting in the world and also a famous search engine. A huge number of people watch videos on this platform every day and use it as a source of entertaining content and useful information. Today we will analyze in detail how you can promote your YouTube channel from scratch.

Develop a promotion strategy

Now there are a huge number of promotion methods and in order not to spend too much money, you need to choose only the most effective ones. If you have just started your activity, then you should not turn to large bloggers for advertising. This is very expensive and does not always guarantee that its users will be interested in your content.

Of the most effective methods, one can name an appeal to special services where you can buy YouTube views for your first videos. This will allow you to initially convince the platform algorithms that your content is of interest to a large number of users.

Please note that you should never fill your channel with bots because this will only hinder its development. Firstly, you will not be able to find out how many viewers you actually have, and secondly, bots will not give you activity in views and comments. This option never does anything good.

Create playlists

On YouTube, this is a very important step in creating a channel, because this way you can organize your videos and give viewers the opportunity to watch content on the same topic in a row. Recommendations on the side while viewing, as a rule, do not work correctly and materials on other topics may be issued there, which is unlikely to interest the viewer.

It is much easier to open a playlist and watch several videos from there in a row. So the user will be able to get answers to all his questions on the topic in one viewing session, and he will not need to additionally search for the desired content.

Create a channel trailer

A trailer is a video that is seen by users who visit your youtube channel but have not yet subscribed to you. There you can briefly introduce yourself and your content and encourage people to follow you.

It is better to make a separate video as a trailer and not something that is already on your channel because this is a special format. Do something new and describe what you do and what information you provide.

This video should be short (from 30 seconds to a minute and a half) because users are seeing you for the first time and are not yet ready to open long content. Try to focus on the visual component to clearly show your advantages.

Add subtitles

It often happens that the creator creates interesting and useful videos, but only residents of one country watch them because the rest do not understand the language. This is a big problem because the content can be useful to the whole world. To do this, we recommend that you add subtitles to all videos.

First of all, set automatic subtitles for your language. This will allow people to watch videos without sound if they are hearing impaired or unable to turn on the sound. After that, you can add subtitles in popular languages ​​of the world.

It would be best to invite a professional translator so that the text is well adapted to the language. Online translators often give grammatically incorrect sentences.

Shooting quality

The problem of many authors is the poor quality of shooting. Unfortunately, such content now does not withstand fierce competition. The user can choose among dozens and hundreds of videos, so he will open only what looks beautiful.

Do not skimp on the purchase of equipment for filming. If your content is attractive, then it will be actively watched and you will receive a large income from monetization. It is better to make a big investment and pay it back in the future than to save a little and waste money.

Buy a good camera and microphone. If you do not have a suitable location for filming at home, then rent or build a studio. It is important that there is a good sound without interference and a pleasant picture. You can not shoot a video in the background of scattered clothes or with no light.


To grow your video blog from scratch in 2022, you need to put in a lot of effort. The competition among creators is high and you have to create something really unique and important to find your audience. However, this does not mean that it is impossible.

Try to pay attention to the design of the channel, the visual content of the content, and the needs of your viewers. And of course, do not forget to use effective promotion methods.


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