How to Prepare for Twins?


Having a baby is a huge adventure by itself, but when you discover that you are expecting two babies rather than one then it is easy to become overwhelmed. Some people immediately embrace the fact that there will be two newborns in their life, whereas others need some time to adjust to the surprise. Just because you are expecting twice as many babies doesn’t mean it has to be twice the hard work. Here is what you can do to help yourself and your family get ready for the arrival of your twins.

Make Sure It’s Twins

It is rarely wise to assume anything about your unborn baby without consulting a professional. Although you have maybe been pregnant before or maybe even experienced twins previously, it is still necessary for you to have a medical check-up where they can take a look at your babies. A dating scan ultrasound at Ultrasound Care can help you to confirm that there are definitely two babies as well as when they were conceived and how strong their heartbeats are.

Get Your Home Ready

As with any pregnancy, you must make sure that your home is ready to receive the newborns as soon as they arrive. Make sure that there is space for them to safely sleep and stock up on essentials. It is best not to overspend on items such as toys and clothes since they will very quickly grow out of these. It can sometimes be helpful for expectant parents to imagine what the new routine will look like before the babies arrive so that you can better streamline your activities. Being efficient is doubly important with twins.

Don’t Double-up

While some aspects of introducing twins into the world involves doubling, that doesn’t mean you need to buy two of everything. Instead, look for items that are especially designed for raising twins so that carrying, transporting, feeding and cleaning them is an easier task.

Prepare for the Birth

One of the most daunting aspects of being told that you’re having twins is the process of giving birth twice on one occasion. Talk to your doctor about your possible options so that you have a clear idea of how the big day will happen. It can be scary to think about, but it is far better to be prepared than not. Ask someone you trust to attend appointments with you and maybe even take notes on your behalf so that you can remember everything the medical team tells you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

You might be too proud to admit that you are struggling, but there is nothing shameful about needing a helping hand, especially when raising twins. If you can’t ask friends or family, get in touch with a parent support group where you can listen to the experiences of other parents who may have been through something similar.

Having twins is a unique and special experience, but it isn’t without its challenges. Hopefully this has helped you consider ways to make it easier for you and your family.


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