How To Position Crystal Products In Your Home For The Best Energy


Surely, you’ll agree with us that crystals, especially the vividly colored types, are perfect for decorating the interior of a home. Many people use these stones because they’re gorgeous looking and add luxurious accents to any surface around their homes. But do you know that there are tons of other benefits attached to using crystals around your home? Your chances of enjoying all the goodies attached to using crystal shelves and other products depend on how well you position them around your home.

As you read further, you’ll discover the best ways to position your crystals, such as Natural Amethyst Point Wand, to achieve the best energy in your home. You’ll also find out why shopping for the right crystals at Azervon, is worth it.

Room-by-room guide on how to incorporate crystal products around your home

As earlier mentioned, apart from adding aesthetics, there are several other benefits attached to using crystals around your home. However, for you to enjoy the best of these stones, you need to understand how to position them in your home. Below is a room-by-room guide on how to place your crystals for the best results:

  1. Living room

Today, there are tons of crystal products available out there. However, not all of these products are ideal for the living room. This begs the question; how do you place crystals the right way in your living room?

  • Natural amethyst products are certainly perfect for your living room. That’s so because they are very calm and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You’ll certainly find these crystals handy for purifying your space, especially if you notice any negative vibrations around it. One of the best products you can shop for if your living room is dense, and with low energy is this Natural Amethyst Point Wand. 
  • Apophyllite crystals also make a perfect addition to the living room. These stones are high-vibe crystals. As such, you can also rely on them to raise the energy level and vibration of your space.
  • In addition to your natural amethyst, you can also consider adding selenite for cleansing purposes.

You can always add any of the crystals above around your living room space, especially beside the TV shelf to enjoy the best results.

2. Bedroom

Bedrooms are the most important parts of a home. Why? That’s so because we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping in there, according to Feng Shui. One way to enjoy this space is by adding romance, excitement, and love to it. With the help of these Rose Quartz Irregular Crystals, you should be able to achieve this. In addition, these stones are perfect for eliminating negative energy and balancing the Yin-Yang energies in every way possible.

Apart from Rose Quartz, you can also consider adding Smoky Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, or Clear Quartz to your bedroom. Black tourmaline crystals are also perfect for cleansing the bedroom space.

3. Kitchen

You can also add crystals to your kitchen and dining areas to achieve the best energy. A feldspar point crystal is ideal around these spaces because it helps to boost your creative thinking level.

That’s not all; other crystals you can consider adding to these spaces are Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Celestine, and Rose Quartz. Apart from uplifting your spirit, these stones will help you improve your health and wellness.

4. Kid’s room

Like the rest of the rooms, it also makes a lot of sense to add crystals to your kid’s room. You can always add a selenite wand to the room’s windowsill for cleansing purposes. Hematite, Geode, and Natural Amethyst are a few other crystals you can consider adding to your children’s room.

5. Study room

The study room should have crystals that offer you the best energy to study well. Clear Quartz point, Gypsum, Shungite, Citrine, and Black Tourmaline all make the perfect addition to this space. You can also consider adding this Natural Fluorite Hexagonal Column crystal to your study room. This stone will help keep your mind open up to fresh ideas.

6. Bathroom

For your bathroom, Clear Quartz crystals can always do the cleansing job for you. These crystals help you clear the negative energy around this space.

You need a nourishing environment when taking your bath. To achieve this, all you need is to add a Rose Quartz crystal product to the space.

Where to find the best crystal products for your home?

One of the most reliable stores you can visit to find suitable crystals for your home is Azervon. One reason to pick this store is that it sells some of the finest stones at affordable prices. For instance, its Natural Amethyst Quartz Cluster is available for less than $10. Fortunately, you’ll get a lot more value compared to the amount you’re paying. 

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