How to Optimize PDF Files for SEO Value

Optimize PDF Files

Did you know that using PDF helps increase a website’s SEO value? It could happen when the PDFs are optimized enough. Then, what can we do to optimize PDF files to increase SEO value? Check this article to find the answers. But before that, let’s learn about PDF and SEO.

What is PDF?

Portable Document Format (PDF) presents a document with consistency, security, and compactness. It is consistent due to its format, which is not easy to edit. Compactness in PDF could be seen from its tendency to have a small size and its compressed ability. PDF’s security talks about its password-protect PDF feature.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process of optimizing a website to get a higher rank in search results. As a result of a high SEO score, the website will have a good position in a search engine, which could increase its visibility and popularity, which means more opportunities to reach the website’s goal.

Optimizing PDF for SEO Value

Below are effective ways to optimize PDF for SEO value, including by merging PDF files into one.

· Use Keywords in the Title

Keywords that refer to a website’s content become one of the aspects that could improve SEO value. Optimizing keywords in PDF is essential because the keywords are the tools for search engines to tell their users about the website’s content. Using keywords in the PDF title will help netizens to find their needs on the internet. More people will visit a website if it is easier to find.

· Put Internal Link to and from the PDF

Then, what is the importance of PDF linking in relation to SEO value? A link inserted in a PDF could be accessed directly by clicking the hyperlink. In this case, a link could become a guide for website visitors to access the relevant pages. So, linking is beneficial in directing visitors to the website’s main pages and other related posts.

· Merge the PDFs

Too many PDF files with the same information could not be so effective for their SEO value. Then, is it possible to increase SEO by combining the PDFs? Yes, it is. Merge PDFs could be the right way to achieve the idea. PDF merger will help its users to combine the files without compressing the quality. Now, let’s see the steps on how to combine PDF files.

  1. Go to PDF file combiner to merge PDF online and free.
  2. Click “select files” or drag and drop the PDFs to select the files.
  3. Put the files in order as needed.
  4. Click “merge files” to combine PDFs.
  5. Click “download’ to save the PDF.

· Reduce the PDF Size

People don’t want to wait long to download a PDF file. Make sure the file is small so it will be easier to open and download. It is true that usually, a PDF file’s output has a small size. But sometimes, some PDFs have big file sizes. Don’t worry. There is a PDF compressor that users could use to compress PDFs. Follow the steps below to compress PDF online.

  1. Visit this PDF compressor free.
  2. Click “select a file” to select the PDF. Alternatively, drag and drop the file on the box provided.
  3. Select a compression level as needed.
  4. Click “compress” to compress PDF.
  5. Download the compressed PDF.

· Use the Concept of Mobile Friendly PDF

Nowadays, many people use smartphones to access PDFs due to the features that function like a computer. Furthermore, to optimize the PDF file, it needs to be mobile-friendly. Then, what can we do to make a mobile-friendly PDF? Here are some ways to make one.

  1. Pay attention to the size of the text. Make sure it is not excessively small or large.
  2. Set the margin as efficiently as it can. So the user could have enough room to make the content.
  3. Remain the file in a small size so it can be opened faster. Learn about how to compress a PDF here.

As discussed above, PDF optimization benefits SEO value related to visibility and popularity. We also have learned about how to optimize PDFs to increase their value. Using keywords, adding links, merging the files, reducing file size, and applying mobile-friendly concepts are ways to optimate PDFs. 


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