How to Make a Wrought Iron Gate More Private?

Wrought Iron Gate

A Wrought iron gate is a beautiful material that can give a house a classy look. A gate made of wrought iron is incredibly durable, and at the same time, it is almost rust-resistant. 

So, it can be used for many years, in fact, without any hassles. But wrought iron gates come in bars that ultimately don’t create many obstructions against the street, neighbor’s house, or people.

That is why the user of this gate faces some privacy-related issues. Here we will guide how to make a wrought iron gate more private. Using this guide, you can do it yourself without even availing of a fencing service.

Let’s get into the discussion.

How to Make a Wrought Iron Gate More Private?

The best way to make a wrought iron gate more private is to install a privacy screen on it. There are three kinds of privacy screens you can install on it. Let’s check them out one by one.

Fabric Screening:

Fabric screening is the basic screening form for wrought iron gates, providing only vision privacy for the people. It is less costly, and you don’t need any professionals to install it. You just need enough shade cloth or screening cloth and some plastic zip ties for this type of screening.

You can easily find it in any nearby market. In this fabric screening process, you first need to measure your gate. According to the measurement, buy screening fabric that goes with your gate and surrounding. You will also get different types and colors of screening fabric in the market and online.

After that, you need to attach the cloth to your gate using plastic zip ties. Make sure the door is openable. For example, for a double-sided gate, you need to take measurements of both sides and then attach the screening fabric one by one.

As simple as that. You don’t even need to remove the gate to do the screening here.

Mesh Screening:

The next option is mesh screening which is also very easy, like fabric screening. Here, you need to use mesh instead of using fabric. There are different types of mesh you will get in the market – aluminum mesh, steel mesh, plastic wire mesh, etc. You can choose any of them according to your preference.

After buying one, you need to attach those using plastic zip ties like before. Mesh screening is the most advantageous one in making your wrought iron gate more private. 

You can do it yourself, and at the same time, you can remove it at any time if you want. It will provide you with good privacy and obstruction from the street, strangers, and neighbors. 

On the other hand, you don’t have to remove the gate for screening the same as the previous one.

Metal Screening:

Metal screening provides a higher level of privacy and, at the same time, makes the gate stronger than before. Even it’s difficult to enter the house if this screen is installed on a wrought iron gate.

However, this type of screening is very hard to do yourself. Firstly, you need to remove the gate from the wall. Then make the metal privacy screen and install it on the gate by welding, which is very tough for general people, and many kinds of professional machines are needed there.

It would be best if you had someone professional for your metal screening. They will take care of everything.

Some Care Tips for Wrought Iron Gate:

When doing a privacy project for your wrought iron gate, you have to be very careful about its care too. Wrought iron gates are very durable and last almost for a longer period.

Some inappropriate things in this privacy project can ruin its durability. So be careful and try to maintain the given instructions below.

Be wary about Trees, Vines, and shrubs:

Sometimes, people plant vines and shrubs around the gate as an obstruction for outsiders. But here, the matter of worry is, these plants can cause rust in your wrought iron gate, and ultimately this rust will ruin your gate.

Apply Protective Sealant:

You must ensure that any protective sealant is applied to your wrought iron gate. This will help you protect the gate from outside dirt, rust, and these things. It will ultimately increase the durability of your entrance.

Paint Your Gate:

Paintings always save all kinds of iron materials from rust, dirt, rain, and other things that are not good. So, try to paint your gate continuously after a few years when needed for your gate.

If you buy an old house with having wrought iron gate, try to paint your gate before you start living in that house.

Clean the Gate regularly:

Cleaning is the best care for every material. In the case of the wrought iron gate, it is mandatory. It would help if you cleaned your gate regularly. Plus, it will retain the beauty of your gate, increasing its durability.


The main reason for a Gate is to provide security and privacy to a house. It should be an obstruction. But in the case of the wrought iron gate, this requirement is ignored. 

Same way, privacy is ignored in the house where these gates are installed. But you can easily do it by following the guide on how to make a wrought iron gate more private. Hopefully, it will help you to solve your issues.


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