How to make a metal stamped keychain and a metal stamped charm?


So earlier this year, I went to a trade show where I met a company that makes supplies for metal stamping jewelry. I had heard about this craft but I had never tried it myself, so I got so excited when they walked me through how to do it. So today, ll be showing you here in this blog, how to make a metal stamped keychain and a metal stamped charm that you could put on a necklace or a bracelet. I think that both of these would make a really excellent gift and they’re pretty quick to make as well. One thing that I really love about these projects is that you can personalize them however you want

I’m putting a list of the materials I’m using for this into the starting off with this steel block where I’ll be doing my stamping, a hammer, and some round stamping blanks for a charm. Using these handy hole punch pliers, cut a small hole in the blank so you’ll be able to attach the charm to a chain later. 

To make this charm design, which I modeled after the stars on the corners of the pages of the Harry Potter books here in the US, you’ll need a star stamp like this one! Place it off to the side of the circle, star side down, and hold it still while you give the back of the stamp a good whack with the hammer. That should give you something like this! Now, since the chapter stars have six points and this stamp only has five.

 I decided to give it a messier look by turning the stamp slightly and stamping again in that same spot. See? Now, we’ll need a cluster of three of those stars, so find your next spot, stamp it, turn the stamp a little and stamp again in that same spot, then repeat for the third star, evenly spacing them. That should give you something like this! To make those stars a bit easier to see, I’m going to add some enamel to the impressions using this marker which was specifically designed for that purpose. 

Lightly dab the marker onto the stars and let it dry for a few minutes before you gently wipe it with a paper towel so just a small amount of enamel is left inside the stars. Then, I grabbed a dapping block and put the charm inside, then lined up the wooden punch that came with it and gave it a few taps with the hammer. 

That’ll make it into a rounder shape that gives it some dimension, which I really like. The last step for this one is to attach a jump ring by twisting one open with two pairs of pliers and sliding the charm onto the ring. You can then attach the ring to a chain before twisting it closed again. Here are a few of the finished star charms I made.

 Next, I’m going to show you how to make a bar keychains custom  with a phrase stamped onto it! And of course, all of the phrases I chose were Harry Potter inspired. Because I’m me. The bar blank I’m using is nice and sturdy so I thought it’d work well for keychains. 

I’m also going to use one of these stamp guide stickers to help space out my letters and a set of lowercase letter stamps in the font “Arcadia”. Start out by grabbing the stamps for the letters you’ll need. Line up the stamp guide and stick it as close to the edge of the blank as you can so it’s straight and there’s plenty of room for your phrase. You might want to count the spaces on it to make sure that you have one for each letter and space. One way that I got around this for a longer phrase is by putting a word on the next side of the bar, but I’ll show you that in a minute. 

Now, these letter stamps have the letter punched onto the side so you know which you’re using, and on my set, I’ll want that letter side facing me in order to punch the letter right side up – double check yours to be sure. Line the stamp up in the first spot, then hit it with the hammer. Continue to find the next letter, make sure it’s facing the right way, line it up, and stamp. Remember to leave space between words and to place letters with a descender that hangs below the main line just a bit lower. 

If your phrase is too long to fit, like mine is, just turn to the next side, re-stick the stamp guide, and continue to stamp the rest of the letters there. That way, when you’re done, you can read the whole thing by turning it. I added a few little star stamps to the blank spots on the bar, then I filled in the letters with enamel to make them easier to read. Like before, give them a few minutes to dry, then wipe off the excess enamel. 

A keychains custom  that you can personalize to say anything you want, as long as it fits. I hope that this tutorial helps you to start thinking about ways that you can use metal stamping to make thoughtfully handmade custom gifts for your loved ones! These designs I came up with are really just the beginning – there’s so much out there that you can do with this medium and I can’t wait to see what you come up with . I’ve personally already made a few of the metal stamped necklaces for my family – you can put their initials or a date or a symbol that’s meaningful to them, and it’s pretty special. Cause you made that for them.

Custom Keychains make a great option for postcards and thank you messages. Customized keychains will place a tomfoolery turn into your marking or giving thoughts and will take your assertion to friends and family or clients on a little financial plan. Purchase the modified keychains with your photograph connected on it for yourself, or you can gift it to somebody with their photograph on it.

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