How to Find the Right Hair Systems for My Customers

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Over the past few years, the hair system market has seen a surge in the number of users globally, as well as in the number of hair system stores to cater to the increasingly growing needs. For many of those who have just started their hair system businesses, being able to serve their customers in the most professional and considerate ways can pose serious challenges. Without much experience in the hair system field, singling out the right hair systems for your customers that can truly please them is not as simple as most people would assume, especially when there is such a wide variety of hairpiece options out there.

Once you open your hair system store, you will see that the majority of your store visitors are novice wearers with little wearing experience before. And they will often ask for recommendations from you on what hair systems can best fulfill their needs. So it is not hard to understand the significance of having the ability to figure out the right things based on your expertise and their own situations. Sometimes, what you think is the best option might not be what they need, and what they find appealing could be the wrong match. So how do you really find the right hair systems that can perfectly suit themselves? As an experienced hair system supplier that has partnered with thousands of hair system stores, we will share with you what has proved to be helpful and constructive in that regard.

Listen to Your Customers’ Needs

This is always where you should start whenever you are asked for advice from your customers. Since they are the ones that actually wear your hair systems, their feelings and opinions about the hair systems from you genuinely matter. So knowing precisely what they expect from their purchases is the basis of selecting the right hair system out of that many options. To find out their needs for the hair system, you should ask them a number of questions on different aspects. Examples include “What are the most important things you care about your wearing experience?” “What is the ideal lifespan of your hair system?” “What is your budget on the hair system?” “What kind of hair systems have you worn before?”.

Hair system wearers differ considerably in their priorities as to what they expect from their hair systems. Many customers prioritize the naturalness aspect. Some care more about the ease of use. Some are very sensitive to how their scalp feels in the hair system. And the cost can remain a significant factor to many wearers since hair system products require a long-term commitment.

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After getting an idea of their priorities, you would narrow down the scope of options and filter out those unlikely hair systems. If a customer gives enormous importance to the naturalness aspect, Ultra-thin skin and bleached lace models could be what they are looking for. Silk top might also be acceptable if they are not very careful with their budget. Suppose a customer does not want to go through too much hassle attaching and cleaning their hair systems. In that case, full skin hair systems or hair systems with skin perimeter are likely to meet their expectations as they are the most user-friendly models.

For customers who really value the economical aspect of their purchases and expect a very long lifespan out of their hair systems, mono-made hair systems could be the idealist option for them. Full lace hair systems are very outstanding in terms of breathability and could not be a better hair system model for those who sweat a lot and those with sensitive skin.

As to your customers who have worn hair systems before, it would help significantly to know what models they have worn before and what they think the problems were regarding their previous options. This can help you better figure out their true needs and preferences, thus finding out the right hair system designs that seem to be what they are looking for.

In the meanwhile, you can also ask some questions about their life habits and lifestyles, or even occupations, to have a more insightful perspective. For example, users who do a lot of physical activities are likely to prefer more breathable options that are less susceptible to sweating and hot weather, such as full lace hair systems. People who lead a fast-paced lifestyle or travel frequently would not want to spend much time on hair system attachment and maintenance. So user-friendly hair systems that are easy to handle can be recommended to them.

The occupations of some customers might involve frequent face-to-face interactions, such as sales. They tend to attach great importance to how undetectable and realistic their hair appears. Therefore, some supernatural hair systems such as ultra-thin skin models should make them feel confident and reassured the most.

It is recommended to ask more questions that can play a part in helping you make sense of their true needs in the beginning. Just make sure your questions are not too personal and intrusive.

Assess Your Customers’ Hair Condition

This is what you should focus on after having an overall understanding of your customers’ true needs and figuring out the right hair system base designs. 

Hair loss size is the very first thing for you to assess. You can get the size of the hair loss area of your customers by using a measuring tape to measure the width and length. So you will know the right size of the hair systems they need and rule out those unfit ones. A few of your customers will be completely bald; in that case, full cap wigs that offer complete coverage of the scalp to achieve a full hair look are what suit them. Some of your customers might just have a receded hairline, then a partial frontal hairpiece would be enough. In spite of that, the majority of the wearers have regular male pattern hair loss with a hair loss size approximate to 8”x10”.

The next thing to do is to match the hair color. Most customers want a hair color identical to their own natural hair color to appear authentic. And you would be able to see what color is the most approximate to their own hair color. So whatever hair systems they are going to buy must have that hair color available unless they accept other hair colors, which is not often the case. In addition, many of your customers have a certain amount of gray hair, and they would prefer hair systems with similar gray hair proportions to have a natural combination of their own hair and the hair system. So the hair systems should come with a gray proportion as close to their own as possible.

After matching the hair color and gray hair proportion, it is time to move to hair density. Hair density is a measurement of the degree of hair volume of a hair system. The higher the hair density, the more hair the hair system has. On the men’s hair system market, hair density is usually classified into the following options: extra light to light, medium light, medium, medium-heavy and heavy, ranging from the lowest to the highest. Settling on the proper hair density considering the wearers’ age and existing hair volume plays a vital part in achieving a natural look.

So when finding the right hair system for your customers, it is necessary to see which hair density class your customers fall into as that is the one to give them a natural appearance. Most men’s hair systems come with medium or medium-light hair density that go well with the very most hair system wearers.

Other things, including front contour, hair wave, and hair length of the hair system, should be in line with the wearers’ own as well to achieve the most natural-looking possible look unless the wearers have their own requests.

Offer Them Free Hair System Trials

This is often ignored by many hair system store owners. However, it has proved to be very constructive in finally working out the right hair system models for them. Offering your customers a few hair system trials barely costs anything, but it has a remarkable significance. Having a few hair system trials can be likened to trying out clothes in a shopping mall. It not only gives the wearers a chance to see how they actually appear in the hair systems but also allows them to feel the hair system base by themselves. So they will know which one best suits them immediately after comparing these options. On the other hand, by giving them free hair system trials, you can also show them the hair system attachment steps, which sometimes count as a factor in what they will finally choose.

One thing to note is there are occasions when your customers’ needs cannot be fully fulfilled by any of your hair system models as their needs and requirements are very complex and uncommon. In that case, hair system customization would be the only option available if you want to have their business. To customize a hair system for your customers, you are likely to seek assistance from a highly experienced and specialized hair system manufacturer with customization service. Compared with stock hair systems, custom ones are much more costly since they are exclusively handcrafted as per the wearers’ request. And they need at least a few months production cycle. So your customers will need to wait for that much time before they can actually have them.

Customization at New Times Hair

As a hair replacement system manufacturer with more than a decade of experience in manufacturing custom hair systems, New Time Hair has a very specialized customization team exclusively dedicated to hairpiece customization. All the members of the team are exceptionally skill and experience. 

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