How To Diagnose a Failing Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump

Your vehicle is a set of complex systems and parts working to make sure that it runs properly. The fuel pump is the component that relays liquid from the fuel tank to the carburetor or fuel injector of an internal combustion engine. Effectively, you could take a 2001 Chevrolet Blazer fuel pump – from $96.49+ |, install it and it will take the gasoline through the fuel system to the engine.

Without this vital part of your vehicle’s mechanics, the pistons stop delivering power to the driveline and you’re stuck. Before it stops working completely and thereby prohibits the vehicle from running, there will be any number of signs to pay attention to. Diagnosing a failing fuel pump requires knowledge of those signs and the drive to pay attention.

Unable To Sustain Speed

When the fuel pump is working properly, the engine runs at a steady, constant RPM. This consistency requires a healthy fuel supply and when the pump is on the fritz, it doesn’t get it. When you’re driving at a constant speed and you feel the engine lose power, even though your foot is pumping the gas pedal, it could be that the fuel pump is not delivering fuel to the engine, or is delivering it in spurts.

Vehicle Is Unable To Start

There could be any number of reasons why your vehicle won’t start. It could be the battery, the ignition coils, a bad starter, or loads of other things. A faulty fuel pump can certainly lead to a car stalling out or not starting at all.

If your Buick LeSabre isn’t starting, you might check it with a fuel pressure tester. If you determine that it is the cause, you can pick up a 2000 Buick LeSabre fuel pump – from $125.99+ | and get back on the road.

The Engine Runs Poorly

When you drive a vehicle for any length of time, you get a feel for the steering, the acceleration, and the touchiness of the brakes. When the fuel pump is failing to deliver fuel to the engine, it might sputter, often suddenly, or idle at an uneven rate. This can be dangerous in traffic situations and driving when the vehicle is functioning in this way can lead to damage.

Overheating Engine

A bad fuel pump can lead to the engine overheating because the fuel pump itself can overheat, which causes a fuel supply issue. The engine, running without a proper supply of fuel, will overheat and shut down. When things cool down, you’ll get back on the road, likely to experience the same problem an hour down the road.

If you install a 2005 Chevrolet Equinox fuel pump – from $413.99+ |, you’ll be replacing a failing part that will eventually disrupt the mechanics of the vehicle. Before this happens, there will be signs. If you suspect that your fuel pump is failing, you can test it with your ear or, more precisely, with a gauge. Visit an online auto parts store to pick up your next fuel pump, part, or accessory today.


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