How to Detect a CenturyLink Outage


An internet outage seems like you have moved to a prehistoric period. Whether you are in the office, house, or even in your school, it seems nearly impossible to go through with your day without an internet connection. Although there are many reasons behind that, still the major one is that in today’s time we have reached the optimum heights of technological advancements which have made us excessively reliant on the internet. 

There are several ways that you can avoid or handle the outage issues but you must make sure that you don’t associate yourself with providers that put you in these situations. However, providers such as CenturyLink are one of the best examples of authentic internet service providers that offer you a strong connection with 99% reliability.

This is one of the major reasons why people across the country try to opt for this provider. In more than 35 states around the US, CenturyLink offers DSL and fiber-optic internet for both residential and commercial customers. You must understand the concept of internet outages before you jump to any conclusions. 

If you have a full house working online whether it’s gaming, streaming, or any other online activity simultaneously, then you must know that experiencing lag is inevitable. And due to this situation, you cannot blame your internet service provider all the time. This is because there are several other reasons why you might face an internet outage. We are here with a comprehensive guide that will help you understand the concept of the outage and how you can resolve this problem.

What Is An Internet Outage?

The entire or partial breakdown of internet services is referred to as an internet outage, also known as an online blackout or, as you may have heard, an internet shutdown. Internet outages can happen for a variety of reasons. Censorship, cybercrime, natural catastrophes, law or intelligence agency blunders, or censorship are all possible causes. 

Among other things, the cutting off of undersea communications cables may result in widespread blackouts or slowdowns. Because of this, it is usually advised that you identify the cause of your internet outage before rushing back to call your internet service provider.

Key Causes of CenturyLink Outages

CenturyLink has made its mark with some outstanding service quality and offers that have not only attracted new customers but also retained the old ones quite effectively. CenturyLink Internet Deals are curated in such a way that allows consumers to make the most out of their services in the best price range. 

And if you choose the right plan for yourself, you will experience the optimum benefits from CenturyLink. However, there are times when internet service providers as good as CenturyLink can also be affected by the outage issue. 

Below are some key causes of outages that you can face with your internet connection. 

  • Area Outage

This is one of the major outage issues that usually occur due to several reasons. The primary source of this outage is a disruption in the CenturyLink network that affect the larger area in your zip code and not just your home.  It can be caused because of the weather condition or any other technical issues on the providers’ end. In this case, we will suggest you contact CenturyLink customer service which is available around the clock to resolve all your issues.

Pro Tip:

In this case, you can knock on your neighbor’s doors and ask them if their internet connection is working. If they have the same ISP, you will get to know the cause. Other than that you can ask your ISP if the outage is only from their end or if there is an external factor such as weather that is affecting the connectivity. 

  • Home Outage

The home outage occurs when the line that provides service to your address is affected in some way. This means that you might have to check all the cables that are attracted to your equipment and devices. In this case, you don’t have to rush toward calling your internet service provider, you might get a solution on your own. 

Pro Tip:

Connect an Ethernet cable directly to your device and see if the internet connection cable is transmitting a proper signal. You can check the internet performance and figure out if your internet connection is actually lagging. Keep in mind that if your Ethernet is not connected then the problem might occur from your equipment and not the internet connection.  

  • In-House Equipment

Most of the time, our equipment is not up to date or is damaged. This causes disruption in the internet connection and we blame our ISPs or the other external factors. Therefore, before jumping to any conclusions, it is recommended that we look into our devices and equipment to see if everything is avant-garde.

Pro Tip:

If your equipment is not working you might check to use your smartphone to connect with the hotspot and check if the internet connection is working for not. If you are getting internet signals that means there is an issue with your equipment. 

  • Suspended Service

There are many factors that affect the internet connection. But in some cases, it might seem like an outage but there is a possibility that your internet connection is suspended. The suspension of your internet connection happens due to two reasons. One of these reasons is a missed payment and the other can be some sort of issue with your account. In both scenarios, you need to contact your CenturyLink customer service and ask them about possible solutions. 

  • Other Outage Issues

Apart from the main CenturyLink outage issues, there are several other problems that might occur and affect your internet connection. So, let’s have a look at some more causes of CenturyLink outages.

Network Congestion

When there are too many users attempting to access a network at the same time in a certain location, network congestion occurs. This is one of the most frequent types of outages, and since it’s regarded as an internal issue, you can simply locate a remedy. Your network may get overloaded at a time and your circuit quality may suffer. 

It is the most easily remedied and most avoidable kind of internet outage. Congestion-related outages are more frequent in public libraries, wireless networks, and student dormitories.

Bad Weather

Certainly, mother nature has the power to disrupt your broadband connection. Throughout periods of inclement weather, some internet connection types are more vulnerable to disruptions than others, but pelting rain, powerful thunderstorms, or even dense cloud cover might interfere with your signal. In the case of a power outage, having a modem and router with a battery backup may help you stay connected.

However, these devices are useless if the modem is unable to get internet service in the first place. In terms of terrible weather, there isn’t much you can do about it other than that. Because only once things are under control can it be resolved?


A hacked network is a less probable but nonetheless potential reason for an internet outage. Hackers might entirely block all devices from using the internet if they acquire access to your Wi-Fi network. Recreate your Wi-Fi network as soon as possible using an alternative network name if you can, especially if you believe someone has gotten unwanted access to it.

But it’s necessary to change the password. The password must be created with enough complexity to be challenging for hackers to crack. To avoid hacking efforts, be sure to maintain the firmware of your router and keep the associated devices updated. Additionally, installing antivirus software will keep your gadgets safe from cyber hackers. 

Ways to Overcome the CenturyLink Outage Issues

The provider offers high standard service quality and we all can agree that CenturyLink Internet Plans are something that we all want to explore—ignoring this provider is impossible! If in any rare case, you face an outage issue with CenturyLink, we have a couple of tricks and tips that can help you overcome that right away. 

  • Switch Your Device

First thing first, if you are facing any outage issues, you can simply check the network performance on another device available in the house. Make sure that the device is connected to the same network. If the internet on that device is working, it means there is a problem with your own device. 

  • Run a Speed Test

Moving on to the next step, if you have to check your devices, you can run a speed test while staying connected to that network. Once you get all the details regarding your network performance, compare the results with your internet plan. Make sure that you are getting everything that you have paid for. 

  • Check Your Equipment

Moving on, we would suggest you check your equipment including both routers and modems. As we have mentioned earlier getting an upgraded version might just do the trick.

  • Contact CenturyLink Customer Service

It is always good to know when to stop. If you have tried everything and still cannot find the source of the outage, it is time for you to contact CenturyLink customer service. There can be a problem in their wiring or they might have to change the connection at the pole that is extending the network to your house. Sometimes, leaving the problem to the professionals can be the best solution.

The Bottom-Line

Now that you have the idea about how you can detect and overcome the CenturyLink outage issues, if you get to experience any, it is time you increase your expectations. The provider has always proved itself with outstanding performance and this is your chance to get all the benefits that CenturyLink has to offer.

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