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If we look a bit for information about the history of the site’s design, we’ll see obvious changes in the look. For example, comparing the appearance of an online store ten years ago and today’s portal, we get a lot of differences. The lines are becoming more and more simple and understandable. There is a clear advantage in favor of a straightforward appearance. Even the creative professions and creative portfolios of photographers and artists increasingly use simple and understandable minimal WooCommerce theme. What can we say about online shops? In connection with this trend, there is a demand for high-quality WooCommerce minimal themes. Today we’ll pay special attention to this issue. The reader of the article will learn how to make a website on WordPress and choose the right minimalist layout for it.

Decide On CMS

As you know, there are several popular CMS. CMS is the so-called site control panel. With its help, you add new goods, change the portal’s appearance, create new sections, add banners, and more. The speed and success of work depend on how logically the menu and information in the CMS are structured.

There are such popular portal control panels:

  • WordPress.
  • Magento.
  • Shopify.
  • PrestaShop.
  • Joomla.

The most common in the world is the first one on the list. All thanks to the ease of use. A logical menu structure, intuitive settings, many website design templates, and free usage make WordPress a favorite among many. Most likely, if you are reading this article, you have already decided to favor the WordPress content management system. For those still looking for a solution, we strongly recommend this CMS.

Difficulties In Choosing A Domain Name

While choosing to host is simple, selecting a domain name requires special consideration. After all, it’s closely related to the company brand. We have written several ideas and tips so that difficulties are in the past and our readers make the right decision:

The brand name in the domain is very appropriate. Everyone strives for it. Therefore, consider how the brand name should look in the browser line when creating a brand. You shouldn’t call an online shop generalized or use too-long words. For example, clothes, earrings, and other similar names have a broad meaning. Choose a unique name. Try to make associations with your product in its brand name.

If the brand name is very long, use an abbreviation of the words for the future domain.

When planning international activities, use the international level ending. For example, .com.

The shorter the domain, the better it is remembered.

The more unique the word, the easier it’s to promote the website search engines.

We hope you’ll have a ready portal soon. Now is the time to think about what the website will look like in the future.

How To Select The Right WooCommerce Minimal Themes

Since there are clear trends for conciseness, choose a simple appearance. WooCommerce minimal themes will help you with this goal. There are ready-made lists of similar items on marketplaces. We recommend you visit TemplateMonster in search of a suitable layout. There are tons of great and quality WooCommerce minimal themes out there. At the same time, you may filter and create the most relevant design offers list for you by type of business. Use the filter on the left and add the necessary restrictions there. This way, you reduce the list of layouts. Among them, only those that are most suitable for you remain.

Things to do before buying:

  • View Demo. In this way, you’ll convince yourself that the template suits you.
  • Check how the layout will look on different devices. You can do it on the Demo page. At the top are three icons depicting a smartphone, a laptop, and a tablet layout. By clicking on each, you’ll see a preview on different devices.
  • Read the features’ description and check if there are all the necessary ones. SEO-friendly, responsive layout and color scheme change is a must-have function. The multilingual and multi-currency won’t be superfluous if you plan to deliver goods worldwide.

There are a lot of criteria regarding what the ideal template should look like, and you have your standards. Each buyer will have their requirements. However, it’s worth approaching, not very critical. Either you like the template, or you don’t.

Minimal Web Design 2021 – Best Examples

In this paragraph, we’ll consider excellent options for a strict and simple website look with examples. The year we indicated is conditional since it’s impossible to know when the online store was updated.

We decided to take a maximalist approach to the selection of role models. Therefore, we show only the well-known global trading platforms.

The list of successful examples includes such portals:

  • This market leader shows us that the relevance of buying WooCommerce minimal themes is higher than ever. What we see are white background and simple lines. The main focus is on the goods and the many conveniences of finding the right item. All online shops strive to simplify the appearance to make their products the main element on the page. From the corporate identity, there is only a logo at the top of the screen.
  • There is a little more color in this marketplace. However, the main color scheme consists of two colors – white and blue. Nothing extra, just an attractive appearance that fades into the background. We see only the offered product at first glance. Pay attention to the font. The font is very different from what we saw in the previous example. In our opinion, Walmart uses a nicer one.
  • The marketplace doesn’t differ significantly from Amazon. The only visual difference is in the filter on the left. The filter is more modern than on Amazon.

After seeing the TOP giants, let’s get down to choosing layouts for your online store.

Best Minimal WooCommerce Themes

Today the reader may make sure that he doesn’t need much money to create a site similar to the market giants. There are already ready-made solutions you only need to install. Therefore, you get the same result but for less money.

So, below we list the items that are most similar to the largest stores in the world.


First, Shopkart. This product is very reminiscent of Walmart due to its color scheme. You find everything you need in the template – lists of recommended goods, concise and maximally simple appearance, clear and logical page structure, and well-organized content. Finding the necessary headphones, smartphone, or camera on such a website will be easy. Pay attention to the cost of the template. Every business owner can spend only $59 and get the desired item.


The second contender for your attention is Quickstore. It’s very similar to Amazon. Only the slider on the main page is bigger. A large slider is rather a plus. After all, this way, visitors may pay maximum attention to viewing new goods, promotions, and the TOP offers placed in the slider. Although the web developer positions its item as suitable for the sale of equipment, it can be said to be universal. Place your clothes or books in place of photos with computers, phones, and players, and you’ll see that the layout will suit different product groups.


The third no less attractive and convenient option for visitors is The Coffeeshop. We chose the design as it differs from the previous ones, despite all three products being made in the same style. The chic Home page catches the eye. At the top of the page, you may place a beautiful and presentable photo of your goods. See how cool and stylish coffee looks! Visitors are drooling at first glance, for sure. Below are all the necessary blocks for successfully getting acquainted with the coffee drink types and prices. Note that the price is also $59.


Today you see that it’s easy to create a site similar to Amazon or eBay. You need to go to TemplateMonster and select the layout option you like the most. 

Useful Video About Logo 

Find out how to create a responsive logo for your company. Watch the video, and press Like if it was useful and interesting.


1. What are minimal WooCommerce themes?

These products change the design of your website into a more stylish, modern, market-driven one. At the same time, all buyers can edit pages, change the elements’ arrangement, and apply other color schemes from those offered by the web developer.

2. How to edit a minimal WooCommerce theme?

To make and change settings, use the instruction. You’ll receive a large document describing the editing process immediately after purchasing the template. The documentation is divided into sections, so it’s easy for you to find the instructions you need. Follow the steps in the manual and make changes to templates easily.

3. What is the difference between minimal WooCommerce themes free and paid?

The most important difference is the design. Paid templates are more stylish and modern. All pages’ parts are thought out to the smallest detail so that visitors can search for the necessary product model as comfortably as possible.

4. Is there support for WooCommerce minimal themes?

For ease of use, you also receive support in addition to the instructions. TemplateMonster states that the first six months of the service are free.


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