How to Create Blog Posts Easily With Voice Transcriptions

Voice Transcriptions

Today, content is the new king. In fact, it’s a queen: queens are articles that include multiple authors and posts with keyword-optimized titles. Your blog posts must be excellent to compete with other sites. Think about it: your competitors probably write hundreds of posts each month. Generating content more yourself is the best way to ensure you don’t fall behind. But how do you do so without tiring? Here is how you can create blog posts easily with voice transcriptions.

Use Your Smartphone

The best way to stay ahead of competitors is to be at the forefront of technology and strategies. Writing blog posts with voice transcription can make you feel like a futurist: you’re using the most modern tools available to suit your needs. Voice transcription enables you, a contemporary digital marketer, to create content that sounds like it was written by the most professional. Besides catering to all site visitors, you also have an easy time generating content.

You can even color-code your audio files so that when you write about a particular topic, each file will be tagged with its color so that it appears unique and visually different from the others. This means that if someone wants to read about how SEO works at Google, they can just search for “blue audio file” on your blog and get all the information they need in one place.

Use the Notes App

How do you write blog posts with voice transcription? You can use the Android version of your smartphone’s operating system and create a text file on your notes app. Then read through the audio or video that you have recorded and write down the important points so that they appear in your blog post.

You can then organize the transcript by reviewing it repeatedly and deleting any unrequired bits of information. The notes app will help you focus on what’s important so you can publish only impeccable content. This will keep people coming back for more every single day.

Participate In the Online Community

Whether you create your blog or not, it is important to maintain a presence in the online community. You can develop a loyal following by interacting with people online and engaging with them. You’ll give people more reasons to return to your blog because they want to learn more about what you have to say.

You will also be establishing yourself as an expert in your particular field. Participating in these forums promotes your business on the internet while still getting content for your blog.

Start an Occasional Podcast Series

You could start podcasting about something that interests you, like a topic related to technology or general news (there are thousands of options). When people read your blog, they’ll be confident that there is some substance behind what you say because they trust that you know what you’re talking about from the podcast series.

People who listen to podcasts usually have their opinions on certain topics. If they think what you have to say on a certain subject is worth listening to, it must also be worth reading.

Develop a Variety of Content for Your Blog

As an online entrepreneur, you want your blog posts to get more views and shares than any of your competitors’ content. It will be hard for readers to share a post if it has nothing but pictures or just text blocks of words without any images or video attachments.

However, when people see video attachments coupled with pictures and text-based content, they know that someone has done their research and added value before publishing something on their blog. You can comfortably use speech transcription services to transform your content.


Creating blog posts is an essential task for any content marketer. It’s a way to share your knowledge and connect with potential customers. However, creating blog posts is a daunting task. You need to find relevant topics for your audience, write in-depth articles, and add images to make your post look better. Even if you have the opportunity to draft everything by yourself, it can be challenging because many things need to be done at once. With voice transcriptions, you no longer struggle to create your content regardless of your location.


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