How To Choose a Playhouse for Children?

playhouse children

Perhaps everyone in childhood loved to build huts from improvised materials. They were built in apartments from chairs and pillows, on the street – from branches and cardboard. Children’s playhouses, which the market offers, replace huts. Many children’s educational institutions and entertainment centers acquire them for several reasons:

  • playhouse for girls or boys is a ready-made space for an interesting pastime. Toddlers love to sit inside it for hours and draw, paint, sculpt or just chat.
  • A place for solitude. Even a three-year-old toddler sometimes wants to have a cozy nest where you can hide.
  • Baby’s personal space. The right playhouse will become your own study for the child, where everything will be arranged according to his desire.

When buying, eyes widen from the abundance of diverse “housing” for kids. What are children’s playhouses, and what are their differences – these and other questions worry buyers. Our tips will help you buy quality products.


The right children’s playhouse is made of various materials. Plastic, wood, and textiles are popular with buyers. The option from the first type of raw material is a good choice for gifting. Such products are strong, durable, and relatively cheap. Also, plastic involves staining in various colors, so the baby will definitely like the purchase.

There are also children’s houses for summer cottages. This model has windows with shutters, doors, tables, and benches inside. Some products provide a semblance of a summer kitchen with a tap, plastic pans, and other utensils. The right house on the site has wooden flooring as a floor, hinged windows, and doors. Such a play “apartment” is equipped with benches, a table, a chalkboard, and a clock.

Wood is an environmentally friendly material. Choosing a children’s house for a summer residence from cedar means purchasing a natural product that will delight your children for many years and will be safe for their health. Textile “tents” are chosen for use exclusively at home, as they get wet easily, are prone to pollution, and do not last long.


What parameters and characteristics should you pay attention to first of all?

  • The size. Firstly, the house should be comfortable for the child. It is important for the baby to fit inside completely for a comfortable game. Choose spacious models, because children rarely play alone. Second, decide where the product will be installed. Isn’t there enough room for him in the room?
  • Material. Find out for yourself where you will put the “toy”: it is more profitable to buy wooden houses on the street (to the site, cottage), plastic and textile ones will successfully fit in the apartment.
  • Design. It’s a matter of taste. Before choosing a playhouse for a child, ask him how he sees his mini-housing? What color, and shape? Focus on the wishes of the baby, it will flatter him.
  • Accessories. Inside the room, there can be not only a bench and a table, but also a clock, a sink with a tap, and a set of dishes. In addition, the site can also be decorated with a fence, put up a slide, and a swing.
  • Price. Plastic and textile products are sold at affordable prices. Wooden models are more expensive, but they are of high quality.


  • Pay attention to documents. Operating manual, assembly instructions, and certificates that guarantee product compliance with standards.
  • Manufacturing accuracy. There should be no cracks, peeling paint, burrs, or protruding screws.
  • Security. Make sure that the design is no small parts that can be easily unscrewed to break (and accidentally lose or swallow) or sharp corners.
  • Strength. Not every children’s playhouse is designed for active entertainment. Therefore, the floor, walls, and roof must be securely fixed to each other, as not to miss from blows, and even more so not to burst. Also, pay attention to the stability of the structure. The lightweight plastic is easy to move, which is unsafe for children during the game.

The house chosen according to all the rules is an excellent place for rest and activities of the baby and a guarantor of peace of mind for parents: the child is busy with work and is safe.


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