How to choose a Gaming Computer or Laptop?

Gaming Computer

When you are playing games on your computer and it is a do or dies moment, your system suddenly freezes. Aah! It’s such a frustrating moment. 

If you are a gaming freak then you need to have a dedicated gaming computer. But how do you choose the components for a good gaming computer? What should be the configuration?

No worries! We are here to guide you through such a painstaking task. Let us consider in more detail the main parameters that should be considered when choosing. These parameters are provided on Gamingfreak in very detail with all the recommendations.


Today, there are only 2 companies on the market that produce decent processors for PCs i.e., Intel and AMD

The performance of intel’s products is considered to be decent. Intel processors are widely used in computers.

Products from AMD are also getting better every year. However, they are much cheaper than Intel processors. 

Requirement for processors of gaming models: The number of cores should be at least 4. Otherwise, high speed cannot be achieved.

As for the clock frequency, its optimal value ranges from 3.2-3.5 GHz. Overclocking is a must.

Video card

With all the variety of video cards on the market, only NVidia products are considered truly worthy of gaming PCs. AMD video cards are not far behind.

The minimum requirement for a video card used in a gaming machine is 4 GB. This is necessary for issuing pictures in Quad HD (2560 × 1440) format. 


The most common types of motherboards that are used in gaming models:

ATX: The main distinguishing feature is a simple device and ease of connection of all components. In addition, with ATX it is possible to use short cables, which makes the system more stable. They produce several standard sizes of boards;

Micro-ATX. In essence, this is the same ATX board, only smaller. The number of free slots is 4.

There are many other form factors. However, they are either morally obsolete or in their parameters do not meet the parameters of game models.

General requirements for “motherboards”:

  • a sufficient number of slots (6-8);
  • effective cooling;
  • high power level.

There are such types of disks:

HDD is a magnetic storage device. In terms of capacity, solid-state SSDs are significantly inferior to magnetic ones, but they are faster. They are used as an additional element for hosting the operating system and control files.

When choosing a gaming computer, it is advisable to buy a model that has both types of drives. Alternatively, one of them can be purchased later. 

In terms of capacity, the solid-state drive does not require a volume exceeding 256 GB, since the control software and the operating system “weigh” relatively little. But the minimum capacity of magnetic media designed to store games is 1-2 TB

Cooling System

There are 2 types of cooling systems:

Air – a system consisting of several mechanical fans. The greater the number of coolers and the larger they are, the less the risk associated with overheating of the processor. The lack of an air cooling system is noise during operation.

Water – is used in computers of high power, where mechanical fans can not cope with the task. Such a system works quietly and cools well, but the cost of the unit increases significantly. In addition, the coolant must be replaced periodically.


A gaming model with 8GB/16 GB of RAM is considered good. However, the more RAM, the better. However, the more RAM, the higher the cost of the machine. Therefore, you need to take into account your financial capabilities.


The most important factor to pay attention to is the size of the monitor. For permanent use, displays are suitable, the diagonal of which varies from 19 to 23 inches.

In addition, it must meet the following requirements:

The number of displayed colors is about 15 million; the refresh rate – is 144 Hz.

It is important that the monitor is stable, and its screen is matte so that the game does not interfere with light reflections.

Sound card

A good sound card enhances the effect of immersion in the atmosphere of the game. Most sound cards implement multi-channel sound. 

This allows you to clearly position yourself in the game space and, other things being equal, gives you an advantage over your opponent. Flagship configurations – 7.1 and 5.1 – channel.


It is always a good idea to properly configure your computer according to your requirements while keeping your budget in mind at the same time. 

Don’t take your gaming life for granted, and upgrade your system. The bonus point is that gaming computers can be used for any other tasks like photoshop or for educational purposes too. It won’t lag or freeze.

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