How to Change Netflix Region and Watch Any Country Library

Any film or TV show's producers aim to make as much money as possible from their work. As a result, they grant licenses

Netflix is a fantastic streaming choice if you’re searching for a service that provides a plethora of TV episodes, movies, and other content. Not only that, the attractive packages it offers are definitely win quite many hearts. While Netflix may be one of the top favorite streaming platforms for everyone, it does come with its fair share of hindrances. Before you get your subscriptions sorted, it’s important to know that a lot of geographical limitations and technical restrictions come along with using Netflix.

The Netflix catalog is extremely constrained in some of the regions, thus not allowing access to much of the content. There is a lot of content available on Netflix in the United States, but you’ll surprise yourself if you, as a US citizen, go abroad.  If you move from the US to Spain, you will discover that you have far less access to shows and are unable to use your typical home streaming services. In order to recover access to their home country’s library when traveling overseas, many users would attempt to trick Netflix into believing they are in a different location, such as the US, with the help of a VPN.

Its 2022, why do they even have geographic restrictions?

Well, your question is totally valid. As per the Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, the Netflix collection or catalogue varies per nation due to territorial licensing. This is how it goes.

Any film or TV show’s producers aim to make as much money as possible from their work. As a result, they grant licenses to various content distributors around the globe for their development. Of course, the rights go to the highest bidder. In order to eliminate territorial constraints, Netflix is working hard to ensure that all of its content is accessible internationally. However, it will take time. As a result, various Netflix collections will be available in different regions, at least initially.

How can I get access to different regions? 

It’s actually quite simple to access the Netflix catalogue from a different region with the right VPN. By using this method, Netflix will believe that you are actually in a different location than where your device is.

However, there are several drawbacks to these techniques. For example, you won’t be able to stream Netflix from your phone to your TV using a Chromecast. The pace of buffering and streaming could also be adversely impacted by these techniques. On the plus side, though, your video library will be bigger than ever.

Making use of a VPN is the quickest way to change the region of your Netflix account. When you use a VPN your internet traffic is tunneled through an intermediary server and it ends up in the location of your choice. It can spoof your present location by hiding your real IP address and replacing it with one from the nation of your choice. This implies that you can access your home country’s streaming services wherever you are if you are away from home. Additionally, a VPN encrypts all of your traffic so that nobody, not even your ISP, can watch what you do online. Once you’ve set up a VPN, it’s simple to gain safe access to your desired Netflix library while away from home (or any other streaming service library).

Before we get started, if you’re still looking for a VPN app to protect your internet connection, you need to run a checklist before you buy VPN. Remember, you need a service that not only keeps your internet connection protected but also keeps evolving, adding to servers and showing geographical variance. In that case, you could always try Ivacy VPN, a secure connection route that will guarantee your anonymity and. Not to mention, you can buy VPN for as low as $1.19/Mo.


  1. Setting up your account 

It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that in order to access your favorite Netflix region library, you need to have a Netflix account. Set up a Netflix account if you haven’t already and enjoy all your favorite content. If you follow the further steps, you can easily access international region libraries too. 

  1. Downloading and Installing VPN. 

Now select a VPN after making below, download it, and then log in.

According to studies, Ivacy VPN has consistently been the best dependable VPN for accessing different Netflix countries. Remember, Netflix gets your tricks too, thus use a VPN that can promise to support you through this little adventure of yours. 

  1. Joining a VPN of your choice

In the VPN, choose the country whose Netflix library you want to browse. Join the server of your choice and connect to a VPN server in the country you want to change region to. You should be automatically redirected to the country site for the location of your selected server.

  1. Get netflixing 

If you haven’t already, log in to Netflix and start watching your movie or episode. Your Netflix account should play any content of your choice, no matter which region it belongs to. 

All in all.. 

We realize that changing region on Netflix can feel like a really annoying task, but, we hope that we were able to make changing your Netflix location a little simpler. Trust us, It’ll all feel worth it when you sit back and enjoy your favorite content on Netflix. What are you waiting for?


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