How to Build a Home Gym For Any Budget [Ultimate Guide]


Since the pandemic began, home gyms have become even more favored, and they have a lot of advantages. One of the most liked aspects is the fact you don’t have to balance between work and the gym, because there is no commuting.  If you have kids, you can let them play while you have your home workout session or even indulge them in a light workout themselves.

If you have a tight budget, building a home gym can be a bit of a challenge, but there are methods to do so while still meeting your demands. In addition, you can work out effectively without sophisticated or expensive equipment.

Let’s check this ultimate guide to building a home gym for any budget.

Make sure you have enough space

Dedicate a space to a gym only, even if it’s only a couple of square meters. You will feel better if you have separate spaces for different stuff. Especially if you work from home too. It would be too much to sleep, work, and workout in the same room. Monotony is a mood killer.

Your home gym can be a whole room, a garage, a corner of an office—whatever area you have available. If you have a patio, even better! If the weather is nice, you can do sports outdoors. If you don’t have a dedicated area, you could simply keep your exercise equipment in a big bucket in your closet. Focus on the equipment that doesn’t take up a lot of space, such as resistance bands, jump ropes, little Pilates balls, and other items, if space is an issue.

Make a list of the basic equipment you need

If you are a beginner, bear in mind that you still don´t need bulky equipment because the weight of your body is enough to practice some exercises. As time goes by, this won’t be enough and you will have to add some more pressure, meaning weights. You can gradually buy items you need, and not all at once.

You might already have some weights or small pieces of gym equipment, but you probably need more. Make a list of essentials you have to buy. A yoga mat, weights of different sizes, kettlebell, gym roller wheel, rubber bands, bench, a workout power rack, and maybe a pilates ball if you will include pilates as well. If you want to save money you can do some DIY projects for gym equipment and spend a minimum amount of cash. Otherwise, just order stuff from the list you made or go to the nearest store.

Download some workout apps

Since you don’t have anyone to guide you, you will need to come up with your exercise plan and this means you will have to consult different apps and websites. There are exercises for every group of muscles and they are usually divided into 3 groups: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Make sure you have a plan for each of these and practice all parts of your body. You don’t want to skip the leg day and have a bulky back.

Now, some of the apps charge for letting you access their workout plans, and some do not. You can see what’s best for your budget. The internet is full of free information as well if you are willing to search. Here is one example of that.

Add some cardio

Cardio is not just running and you don’t need a Peloton bike or anything else. You can find simple exercises for a cardio workout. The classics are jumping jacks and skipping rope. With a simple and cheap skipping rope, you can do a lot.

Jump ropes are fantastic training and coordination tools that can be utilized for both lengthy and brief periods. You may warm up and improve your stamina and endurance by simply jumping rope in addition to running, sprinting, and jumping.

Choose those with weighted handles and you will see that underarm fat burns fast.

Personalize your home gym

Make sure you have a window close because you need to ventilate the place where you do sports. Unless your gym is outside, then you have enough of the fresh air. The temperature should be mild, not cold or too hot. You need heating if it’s cold or cooling if it’s too hot.

Furthermore, make sure the lighting is adequate. Not only will you be able to see those muscles becoming tighter every time, but also you will be more comfortable and there will be fewer chances of tripping or having an accident. The same goes for flooring, avoid slippery surfaces for your home gym and if you don’t have much choice, a non-slippery yoga mat is a lifesaver.

Now, if you want some decoration, there are posters, post-its with motivational quotes, or anything else that’s not in the way and makes you feel better. Some stereo would be great or just use your laptop with your favorite YouTube workout list for maximum motivation.

To summarize, it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money to establish a home gym.

However, you should never accept subpar budget things that you’ll have to replace soon. You can concentrate your spending on the essentials that will enable you to achieve the best results.

Be sure to go beyond simply purchasing equipment. Make sure your home gym is a place you want to spend time in and is secure by giving it some thought.


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